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Housing-Continued. Page National Housing Act, Amendments- Continued. Mortgage insurance-Continued. Limitations, designated, removal of 408 Purchase or rental of designated properties, priorities to veter- ans and hardship cases ------ 213 Release from certain liability; limi- tation--------------------- 213 Rental of mortgaged property, au- thority of Administrator re- specting-------------------- 212 Time limitation----------------- 212 Value of mortgage, determination of . -- ----- ---- -

--- -

- 214 National Housing Agency- Abolishment of certain functions, etc., transferred from Farm Security Administration---------------- 1063 Administrative expenses, pay costs, increase in amount for--------- 106 Administrator, Office of- Penalty mail costs, transfer of funds for------------------------ 590 Reduction in designated appropri- ations---------------------- 9 Salaries and expenses, transfer of funds for ------------------ 589 Administrator, salary -------------- 590 Consolidation of administrative func- tions, transfer of funds; report to Congress respecting transfers and savings ---------------------- 590 Damage claims, appropriation for settlement----------------- 628, 629 Disposition of property or removal of housing- Deposit of moneys derived from--- 9 Designated moneys available for__ 9 District of Columbia, temporary hous- ing for veterans, etc.- Provision of utilities; appropriation authorized------------------ 203 Appropriation for ------------ 509 Removal; time limitation -------- 203 Expenditures, contracts, etc., authori- zation; limitation --....---

589 Federal Home Loan Bank Admin- istration. See separatetitle. Home Owners' Loan Corporation. See separate title. Housing Expediter- Office of, salaries and expenses, transfer of fundsfor-_______ 589 Salary------------------------- 590 Veterans' housing, inclusion of ex- penses under designated ad- ministrative expenses -------- 85 Judgments, appropriation for---- 630, 917 Housing-Continued. Page National Housing Agency-Continued. Penalty mail costs, transfer of funds_ 590 Reserve account- Limitation on; provision for cover- ing account into miscellaneous receipts-

9 Reduction--------------------- 9 Resettlement projects, appropriation for liquidation __------------- 592 Veterans, servicemen, etc. See also Veterans' Emergency Iousing Act of 1946, this title. "Administrative expenses," inclu- sion of designated expenses- _- 85 Amendment, technical, of Act re- specting; substitution of words- 958 Educational institutions, certain- Educational facilities, transfer of structures, etc., for use as-- 958 Appropriation authorized ----- 959 Appropriation for----------- 612 Funds available ------------ 959 Faculty members, transfer of facilities for housing author- ized--------------------- 958 Servicemen, distressed families of- Additional appropriation ------- 88 Increase in appropriation, au- thorized------------------ 85 Transfer of structures, etc.- Priority over requests for trans- fer for educational facilities- 959 Reimbursement of applicant- -- 85 Veterans attending educational in- stitutions- Additional appropriation ------- 88 Increase in appropriation au- thorized --------------- 85 Veterans with families, certain- Additional appropriation ------- 88 Increase in appropriation, au- thorized------------------ 85 War housing, reduction in appropria- tion ----------------------- 9 Navy Department, appropriation for operation and maintenance of war housing; restriction ------------- 490 Veterans' housing, appropriation for-- 88 Veterans' Emergency Housing Act of 1946- Applicability of provisions ---------- 208 Appropriation authorized---------- 212 Definitions--------------------- 211, 212 Functions conferred by, exclusion from operation of Administrative Procedure Act------------- 918, 993 Housing accommodations- Maximum sale prices, establish- ment authorized----------- 2o 09 INDEX LXXIX