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Interior, Department of the-Continued. Page I] Fish and Wildlife Service-Continued. Impoundment, etc., of waters, con- sultation respecting; reports and recommendations-------------- 1080 Costs of projects, allocations, trans- fer of funds, etc------------- 1081 Use of waters------------------ 1081 Migratory Bird Conservation Fund, appropriation for ------------- 381 Philippine fisheries, etc., cooperation in rehabilitation and develop- ment------------------------ 138 Contributions of labor, material, etc., from Government of Phil- ippines, acceptance author- ized------------------------ 139 Filipino trainees, instruction au- thorized------------------ - 138 Qualification, standards for----- 139 Vessels, certain, transfer by Mari- time Commission, authorized- 138 Polluting substances, investigations respecting; reports to Congress- 1081 Printing and binding, appropriation for-------------------------- 379 River basin studies, report to Con- gress------------------------- 381 Surveys and investigations of wildlife of public domain ------------- 1080 Tennessee Valley Authority, inappli- cability of designated provisions to-------------------------- 1082 Violation of certain rules or regula- tions, penalty----------------- 1082 Wildlife restoration- Federal aid, appropriation for --- 381 Fund, Federal aid to, discontinu- ance of report to Congress---- 867 Projects, apportionment to States; maintenance---------------- 656 Fishery Coordination, Office of, salaries and expenses, reduction in appro- priation---------------------- 10, 222 Flood Control Act of 1946. See sepa- rate title. Flood damage, determination of cer- tain-------------------------- 975 Fort Peck project- Acquisition of Indian lands for con- struction; compensation; use of funds, etc--------------------118 Appropriation for-------------- 110,367 Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, certain functions respecting, transfer to-- 1099 General Land Office- Abolition, and abolition of designated offices of, transfer of functions__ 1100 Alaska, surveys and investigations in---------------------------353 nterior, Department of the-Continued. Page General Land Office-Continued. Appropriation for _-- --- --- ---- 109, 352 Consolidation with Grazing Service to form Bureau of Land Manage- ment----------------------- 1100 Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands, appropriation for ----------- 109, 353 Oklahoma, payment from royalties, south half of Red River ------- 353 Oregon and California Railroad grant lands, appropriation for -------- 353 Payments to States from proceeds of land sales, appropriation for..-- 352 Range improvements outside of graz- ing districts, appropriation for-_ 353 Timber resources of public domain, protection and management, ap- propriation for--------------- 353 Geography, Division of- Appropriation for------------- 109, 349 Reduction in appropriation--------- 10 Salaries and expenses, appropriation for fiscal year 1946, extension of availability------------------- 12 Geological Survey- Appropriation for--------------- 111, 369 Cooperative work, appropriation for- 370 Costilla Creek Compact, collabora- tion in correlation, etc., of water facts----------------------- 254 Mineral leasing, report on amount expended for benefit of Indian tribes and Indian allottees, dis- continuance------------------ 867 Mineral resources, investigations with respect to stock piling of stra- tegic and critical materials ---- 599 Operations, annual report on, dis- continuance------------------ 867 Printing and binding, appropriation for------------------------- 370 Scientific, etc., investigations for Government agencies, transfer of funds; interchange of appro- priations, report to Congress--- 371 Glacier National Park, acquisition of non-Federal property by exchange, authorized--------------------- 949 Grand River Dam Authority, settle- ment of accounts; return of project to Authority----------------- 743 Grand River Dam project, Okla., use of U. S . lands for waters, deter- mination of value of use, etc----- 975 Grazing Service- Abolition, and abolition of desig- nated offices of, transfer of functions-------------------- 1100 Appropriation for---------- 109,191,351 INDEX LXXXV