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LXXXIX Interior, Department of the-Continued. Reclamation, Bureau of-Continued. Appropriations, interchange of------ Colorado River- Dam Fund, appropriation for ---- Development Fund, appropriation Page 367 368 for -------------------- - 368 Limitation --------

369 Flood control, etc., appropriation authorized------------------ 338 Appropriation for------------- 619 Front work and levee system, ap- propriation for------------ 369, 619 Expenditures, limitation of--------- 366 Fort Peck Project, Mont.- Acquisition of Indian lands for construction; compensation; use of funds, etc------------ 118 Appropriation for------------- 110, 367 General fund, construction, appro- priations from --------------- 367 Pay costs, increased, appropriation for----------------------- 111 Investigations, appropriation for -- 364 Irrigation districts in arrears of pay- ments, restriction on use of funds for------------------------- 364 Kings River and Tulare Lake, Calif., report on division of costs, etc - 163 Lewiston Orchards project, Idaho, authorization for construction, etc ----------------------- 717 Appropriation authorized--------- 718 Missouri River Basin, appropriation for ---------------------- - 368 Additional appropriation author- ized-------------------- 648, 653 Power revenues, utilization of ------ 36( Projects- Construction, appropriation for- 365, 61E Operation and maintenance, appro- priation for---------------- 361 Reclamation fund, special fund, ap- propriation for construction ---- 618 Rewards for information respecting persons damaging public prop- erty------------------------- 364 Rio Grande project, N. Mex.- Tex., appropriation for-------- 111, 365, 36( Limitation increased------------- 194 River basin studies, report to Con- gress----------------------- 381 Salaries and expenses, other than project offices, appropriation for- 36 Special fund, appropriations from--- 36 Pay costs, increased, appropriation for -------------------- 11 War Assets Administration, transfer of funds from .--------- 3 nterior, Department of the-Continued. Reclamation, Bureau of-Continued. War Relocation Centers, etc., certain, acquisition of surplus lands, buildings, equipment, etc., at--- Water conservation and utilization projects, appropriation for --- Reduction in designated appropriations- 222, Page 369 367 10, 625 Reports, discontinuance of certain----- 867 Retained employees, limitation on use of funds----------------------- 386 Safford, Ariz., grant of title to public lands for municipal water system - 33 Salaries, appropriation for ----------- 348 Santa Rosa Island National Monument, Fla., abolishment; conveyance to Escambia County, Fla----------- 712 Secretary- Delegation of powers and duties relating to administration of Indian affairs----------------- 939 Office of- Appropriation, designated, for fiscal year 1946, extension of avail- ability--------------------- 12 Appropriation for---- ----- - 109, 348 Reduction in designated appro- priation----------------- 10 Seger School Reserve lands, use by Colony Union Graded School District Numbered 1, agreement authorized; consent of designated Indian tribes-------------------- 976 Seneca Indian School, deposit of com- pensation for flood damage to credit of --------------------- 975 Soil and Moisture Conservation Opera- tions, appropriation for------- 109, 349 Solicitor- Duties, salary -----

312 Office of, appropriation for ------ 109, 349 Solid Fuels Administration for War- Appropriation for----------------- 618 Salaries and expenses, reduction in appropriation ---------------- 10 Transfer of funds to Bureau of Mines --------- ---------- 10 Southwestern Power Administration, appropriation for---------------- 3 84 Station wagons, funds available for--- 385 Strategic and Critical Materials Stock Piling Act. See separatetitle. Strikes against Government, restriction on employment of persons engaging, etc., in; exception-------------- 385 Summit Lime Company, Calif., confir- mation of title to certain lands; reservation of minerals to U. 8 -- - 852 INDEX I - - -