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Manpower Commission, War, reductions in designated appropriations---- ___ - Manteo-Oregon Inlet, N. C., Channel, examination and survey authorized - Map of the World on the Millionth Scale, International, appropriation for--- - Marihuana, millers, order forms, exemp- Page 7 639 453 tion from requirement for certain transfers; tax; registration, etc------ 40 Marine and War Risk Insurance Fund, revolving fund, reduction in appro- priation -------------------- 7, 221, 624 Marine Band: Marine Corps-Continued. Page Demobilization rate ------ _---- . --- - 20 Dependents- Stations outside U. S ., delegation of authority for determining avail- ability of Government trans- portation--_ -- -- _----- -____ 127 Transportation, certain, payment in lieu; rates----- -------------_ 126 Transportation costs, payment on commuted basis in certain cases_ 5 Discharged personnel, travel allowance_ 856 Personnel separated under conditions other than honorable---------- 126 Embassies, etc., in foreign countries, enlisted men as custodians--_ _ 450, 1011 Enlisted men- Allowances while in hospital, etc.; restriction on accrual in certain cases------------------------ 858 Appointment to Naval Academy; service requirement--------- 487, 855 Commutation in lieu of rations, desig- nated personnel -------------- 858 Enlisted strength of active list, au- thorized---- ------------------ 92 General expenses- Reduction in appropriations -------- 17, 227 Transfer of funds------------------ 627 General in the Marine Corps, perma- nent grade, designated appoint- ments authorized; pay, allowances, etc---------------------------- 60 Grand Army of the Republic, attend- ance of Marine Band at national encampment, appropriation for ex- penses ---------------------- 195 IHarrowbeer Airport, Plymouth, Eng- land, reimbursement of certain personnel for personal property loss 236 Hitchcock, Tex., reimbursement of cer- tain personnel for personal property loss-------------------------- 235 Household effects, transportation, etc., on change of station; repeal of prior legislation respecting------- 860 Inductees, funds available for expenses_ 496 Insane persons, certain, functions with respect to, transfer to Navy De- partment--------

1098 Insurance. See National Service Life Insurance Act of 1940. Key West, Fla., reimbursement of cer- tain personnel for personal property loss--------------------------- 236 Leave Act of 1946, Armed Forces. See separatetitle. Leyte, Philippine Islands, reimburse- ment of certain personnel for per- sonal nroperty loss-------------- 236 Attendance at- Conventions, designated, authorized- Grand Army of the Republic, na- tional encampment, appropria- tion for expenses------------- . Pay and allowances, readjustment ---- Marine Corps. See also Navy Department. Air travel under orders, per diem rates of allowance----------------- American Battle Monuments Commis- sion, designation of personnel to assist, authorized-- ....-------- Appointments- Accrued leave, appointees, granting of------------------------- Commissioned grades and ranks, per- manent, designated personnel, authorized ------------------ Expiration of authority ------------ Precedence--------------------- Reappointment ----------------- Correction of technical error in leg- islation-------------------- Regulations, prescription by Presi- dent----------------------- Repeals of laws or parts of laws- _ 94, Revocation of commission; discharge- Temporary appointments to higher grades; precedence ------ .. ... Warrant grades and ranks, permanent, designated personnel, authorized- Attu, Alaska, reimbursement of certain personnel for personal property loss--0..----.....-----------. Cherry Point, N. C ., reimbursement of certain personnel for personal prop- erty loss------- ---............. China, details to, compensation, etc-_ - Chrea, Algiers, reimbursement of cer- tain personnel for personal property loss ---

_-_- Commandant, Office of, reduction in appropriations for pay of civil force-- ----------------__ -- -- - Deceased personnel, settlement of ac- counts; payment of funeral ex- penses . -- -- _......


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