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INDEX National Monuments: Cape Hatteras National Seashore Rec- reational Area, appropriation for maintenance of structures __- __- - Castle Clinton National Monument, N. Y., establishment, etc-------- Custer Battlefield National Monu- ment- Appropriations authorized for per- formance of designated functions and activities___ ----- -------- Designation of Custer Battlefield National Cemetery as --- _- -- Jackson Hole, restriction on use of certain funds in connection with-_ Montezuma Well Property, Ariz., acqui- sition of, appropriation for-------- Santa Rosa Island, Fla., abolishment; conveyance to Escambia County-- Statue of Liberty, appropriation for water-supply easements -------- National Mortgage Association, Federal. See Federal National Mortgage As- sociation. National Park Service. See under In- terior, Department of the. National Parks: Administration, protection, etc., appro- priation for-_ ---- ----- ----- --- Appropriations for, authorization for performance of designated func- tions and activities ... -------.. . Glacier National Park- Access roads, construction, etc., ap- propriation for--------------- Acquisition of non-Federal property by U. S., authorized----

Hot Springs National Park, transfer of jurisdiction over certain offenses--- Kings Canyon National Park- Authority of commissioner of Sequoia National Park with respect to--- Road construction, restriction on use of designated funds for -------- Mesa Verde National Park, water supply line, appropriations authorized for- Mount McKinley National Park, appro- priation for lodges, etc ---------- Olympic National Park, Wash., appro- priation for protection of adjacent land --------------- __--__-__-- Wind Cave National Park, S. Dak., revision of boundaries ----- _____- National Railroad Adjustment Board, appropriation for-- -------- .- - - _ 10 National Safety Council, Inc., appropria- tion for D. C. affiliation with ------ National School Lunch Act: Accounts and records ------- -- _ - Apportionments to States -------- __ 80634---47--PT. --- 77 Page National School Lunch Act-Continued. Appropriation for carrying out purposes and provisions of--_______ ... Appropriations authorized ---------- Federal expenditures, direct --- _____- Minority races, equitable distribution- _ CXV Page 290 230 231 234 Nonfood assistance ----------------- 231 Definition of --------------------- 234 Nonprofit private schools- Definition of- -- _---------------. 234 Disbursement of funds to ----------- 233 Payments to States; disbursements to schools; matching of funds, etc--- 232 Policy, declaration of ---------------- 230 Program requirements respecting nutri- tion, etc.; incorporation in agree- ments------------------------- 233 "School," definition of-------------- 231 "State," definition of.---------_----- 234 "State educational agency," definition- 234 Teaching personnel, instruction, etc., restriction on imposition of require- ments------------------------- 233 National Service Life Insurance Act of 1940: Amendments- Active service between designated dates----------------------- 781 Administrator of Veterans' Affairs, powers of; decisions reviewable by U. S . Courts--------------- 788 Beneficiaries---------------------- 782 Beneficiary's interest, assignments of_ 788 Disability provisions- Disability or death in line of duty, insurance deemed granted in certain cases --------------- 782 Inclusion of provisions respecting payment of benefits for total disability, authorized-------- 786 Total disability, definition for insur- ance purposes ------------ 788 Effective date of insurance --------- 785 Incontestability of policies---------- 787 Liability, calculation of------------ 788 Optional modes of settlement------- 785 Payments, manner of; right of election -------------------- 782 Plans of insurance; conversion ----- 782 Premiums- Time and method of payment; de- ductions from service pay ---- 784 Waiver of -------------------- 784 Reenlistment, etc---------------- 781 Reinstatement of insurance -------- 787 "Stepparent," inclusion within per- mitted class of beneficiaries----- 781 Discontinuance of award -------- 781 Suits under Act------------------- 788 Transfer of funds --------------- 787, 789