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INDEX Naval Academy-Continued. Reserve commission, agreement to ac- cept in designated cases, require- ment -.---------------------- Sons of Army, Navy, and Marine Corps personnel, appointments to Acad- emy by President ------------ Swordsmanship and physical training, limitation on number of instructors Tailor shop, status of funds---------- Teaching staff, civilian members- Annuities, choice respecting_____ - Retirement for disability; annuity; Page 1061 1061 484 704 805 reemployment, etc------------ 804 Naval Air Transport Service, per diem rates of allowance---------------- 488 Naval Appropriation Act, 1947---------- 481 Naval Aviation Cadet Act of 1942, Amend- ment, additional uniform gratuity to reserve officers commissioned from status of aviation cadets---------- 245 Naval Establishment. See Navy; Navy Department. Naval Home, Philadelphia, Pa.: Appropriation for-------------------- 484 Maintenance and operation, provision for, authorized------------------ 854 Reduction in appropriations --------- 16 Transfer of funds---------------- 228, 628 Naval Mobile Hospital 9, United States, reimbursement of certain personnel for personal property losses as result of fire at ------.----------------- 236 Naval Observatory: Appropriation for---------------- 494, 495 Reductions in appropriations -------- 19 Transfer from Bureau of Naval Per- sonnel to Chief of Naval Opera- tions ------------------------ 1099 Naval Personnel, Bureau of. See under Navy Department. Naval Petroleum Reserves: Mineral Lands Leasing Act, Amend- ments, limitation on applicability to existing leases --------------- 958 Operation, conservation, etc. - Appropriation for----------------_ 482 Reduction in appropriations------- 15, 626 Reserve No. 1, appropriation for pro- tection of----.-- . ..------ ..-- 482 Reserve No. 4, appropriation for ex- ploratory wells------------------ 482 Naval Procurement Fund, accounting pro- cedure ---------------. . . -- -- -- . _ 489 Naval Records of World War, prepara- tion of, appropriation for---------- _ 494 Naval Research, Office of. See Naval research under Navy Department. Naval Research Laboratories, Etc., ap- propriation for ---------------- 482 Naval Research Laboratory, reduction in Page appropriations ----------------- _ 15,225 Naval Reserve. See also Naval Reserve Act of 1938. Appropriation for-------- ------ .- -- 484 Benefits, certain, granting to members on training duty prior to official termination of World War II- --- 892 Discharged personnel, travel allowance_ 856 Enlisted men, appointment to Naval Academy; service requirement_- 487, 855 Officer candidate training program. See under Navy. Officers' Training Corps- Appropriation for ---------------- 483 Reduction in appropriations------- 16,225 Total personnel, increase----------- 1061 Transfer of funds----------------- 627 Uniforms, etc., furnishing from sur- plus stock of Navy---------- 484, 854 Pay restriction, officers and men drawing pension------------------------ 854 Public lands, designated, veterans' preference in entry-------------- 37 Reduction in appropriations --------- 16, 626 Regular Navy, transfer of officers to, equality of opportunity, declara- tion of policy of Congress -------- 92 Retirement of certain officers; rank and pay--------- ----------------- 27 Surplus personnel, certain, inactive duty upon application------------ 20 Temporary status of personnel- Continuance for designated period, authorized ------------------- 28 Grade, rank, pay, and retirement, effect on--------------------- 28 Recall to active duty, grade, etc----- 28 Uniform allowance, additional, to of- ficers commissioned from status of aviation cadets----------------- 245 Naval Reserve Act of 1938: Amendments- Benefits, granting to designated per- sonnel--------------------- 892 Fleet Reserve- Retired list of Regular Navy; transfer to; pay----------- - 994 Computation of service, active duty after July 1, 1925 --- 994 Transfers to; pay--------------- 993 Philippines, certain citizens of, mem- bership in Naval Reserve------- 993 Midshipmen, appointments from Re- serve enlisted men, repeal of provi- sion------------------------- 1062 Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps. See Officers' Training Corps under Naval Reserve. CXVII