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Price Control Extension Act of 1946-Con. Page Violations of price schedule, etc., liabil- ity of seller--------------------- 676 Action on behalf of U. S., restrictions on instituting; withdrawal------ 676 Penalty-------------------------- 677 Wheat, purchase by Commodity Credit Corporation; election of date of purchase by producer, etc -__- -- 677, 678 Wholesale industries, certain, reduction of established discounts, etc., re- striction-___------------------- 673 Price Decontrol Board. See under Price Control Extension Act of 1946. Princeton University, Princeton, N. J ., observance of two hundredth anni- versary of founding; appointment of Commission, functions, etc------- 125 Printing, Joint Committee on: Appropriation for ------------ 399, 602, 912 Composition of---------------------- 838 Congressional Record, improvement of- 837 Pay costs, increased, appropriation for_ 103, 104 Printing and Binding: Agriculture, Department of- Appropriation for------------------ 272 Transfer of funds authorized ------- 283 Alaska Railroad, appropriation for----- 383 Architect of the Capitol, appropriation for-------------------------- 406 Budget, Bureau of the, appropriation for------------------------- 61, 185 Civil Service Commission- Appropriation for----------------- 63 Limitation increased--------------- 185 Civilian Production Administration, appropriation for---------------- 605 Code of Federal Regulations, appro- priation for --------------------- 406 Commerce, Department of- Appropriation for-------------- 189, 465 Civil Aeronautics, Office of Adminis- trator of, transfer of funds------ 466, 467, 468 Civil Aeronautics Board, appropria- tion for--------------------- 469 Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Bureau of, funds available------ 471 Patent Office, appropriation for - 190, 472 Weather Bureau, appropriation for-- 474 Courts- Administrative Office and Courts of the United States, appropriation for-------------------------- 479 Claims, Court of, additional appro- priation for ----------- .

82 District of Columbia, probation sys- tem, appropriation for--------- 510 Supreme Court, U. S ., appropriation for ------------------- _.- 476 Printing and Binding-Continued. Page Defense Transportation, Office of- Appropriation for ---------------- 605 Increase in limitation -------------- 264 Reduction in appropriation--------- 7 Economic Stabilization, Office of- Appropriation for----------------- 606 Reduction in appropriation--------- 7 Employees' Compensation Commission, appropriation for---------------- 697 Federal Communications Commission, appropriation for---------------- 64 Federal Loan Agency, appropriation for- 588 Federal Power Commission, appropria- tion for------------------------ 65 Federal Register- Appropriation for----------------- 406 Increase in limitation-------------- 603 Federal Security Agency, appropriation for -------------------------- 696 Federal Trade Commission, appropria- tion for-------------------- 65, 611 Federal Works Agency- Appropriation for---------------- 65 Public Roads Administration, appro- priation for------------------ 68 General Accounting Office, appropria- tion for------------------------ 71 Interior, Department of the- Appropriation for----------------- 350 Geological Survey, appropriation for- 370 Grazing Service, appropriation for- _ 351 Fish and Wildlife Service, appropria- tion for---------------------- 379 Indian Affairs, Bureau of, appropria- tion for---------------------- 353 Indian arts and crafts, development of, appropriation for----------- 356 Mines, Bureau of, appropriation for_ 371 Interstate Commerce Commission, ap- propriation for------------------ 71 Justice, Department of, appropriation for---------------------- 195,266,459 Labor, Department of- Appropriation for----------------- 679 Employment Service, U. S ., appro- priation for ------------------ 683 Library of Congress, appropriation for- 404 National Advisory Committee for Aero- nautics, appropriation for -------- 72 National Archives, appropriation for-- 72 National Gallery of Art, appropriation for------------------------- 74 National Labor Relations Board, ap- propriation for------------------ 698 National Mediation Board, appropria- tion for------------------------ 699 National Park Service, appropriation for --------

--- --- 376 National Railroad Adjustment Board, annronriation for --------------- 699 INDEX CXLV -rr- -r----