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INDEX Railroads-Continued. Page Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act-Continued. Amendments-Continued. Technical changes ------------ 737, 738 Unemployment, compensable days of, increase in maximum num- ber ----------------------- 737 Unemployment benefits, disqualifi- cations for receipt of--------- 737 Railroad employees, refund of contri- butions in certain cases-------- 806 Safety, appropriation for -- _------- 71, 105 Railway Mail Service, appropriation for _ 84, 267, 582, 583 Rainy River, bridge authorized across, at or near Baudette, Minn ----------- 123 Rainy Mountain School Reserve, Okla., certain lands set aside in trust for Indians of Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Reservation --------------- 305 Range Investigations, appropriation for- 107, 284 Rapid City, S. Dak., appropriation for support of Indian museum---------- 354 Rappahannock River Basin, flood-protec- tion project authorized ------------ 644 Real and Personal Property, acquisition and disposition for war purposes, time limit----------------------------- 345 Reclamation, Bureau of. See under In- terior, Department of the. Reconstruction Finance Corporation: Administrative expenses- Funds available for---------------- 588 Reductions in designated limitations- 222 Agriculture, Department of- Farm Security programs, loans for, payments by Secretary of Agri- culture---------------------- 1063 Farm tenancy loans --------------- 294 Rural electrification loans --------- 58, 295 Rural rehabilitation loans, advances for; restrictions on use --------- 293 Increase in limitation ------------ 82 Corporations, Government, extension of succession--...----------------- 901 Expenditures, contracts, etc., authori- zation; limitation -------------- 588 Extension of succession, lending powers, and functions------------------- 901 Forney, Adger C., appropriation for payment of judgment in favor of__ 630 Government agencies, limitation on use of funds for personal services, pur- chases, etc., for----------------- 589 Housing, underwriting or guaranty of markets for certain materials, etc., limitation-------------------- . Judgments, appropriation for -

215 630 Reconstruction Finance Corporation- Page Continued. Lending authority, increase -------- 293, 294 Loans- Restriction on payment of salaries of persons making certain, non- applicability to designated loans under Veterans' Emergency Housing Act of 1946---------- 212 States, etc., loans for construction purposes, restriction ----------- 589 Veterans' loans, certain, purchase of- 902 Penalty mail costs, appropriation for-__ 588 Philippines, Government of the Repub- lic of, loan or extension of credit to, authorized; restriction on rate of interest------------------------ 902 Renegotiation Act, excessive profits collected under, reimbursement of certain Treasury Department ap- propriations- ----------------- Strategic and critical materials, transfer to stock piles, cancellation of notes- Subsidies. See separatetitle. Surplus property disposal, limitation on use of funds ------------------- Texas City tin smelter, purchase of tin ores and concentrates for operation_ Subsidy payments authorized -_ .- Transfer of funds to certain Treasury Department appropriations. - -- - -- Walker, Alexander D., appropriation for payment of judgment in favor 622 599 589 57 671 572 of---------------------------- 630 Reconstruction Finance Corporation Mort- gage Company. See RFC Mortgage Company. Recreational Demonstration Areas, appro- priation for -------------------- 111,377 Recruitment Act of 1945, Armed Forces Voluntary, Enlisted Reserve Corps, Army, transfers to; placement on re- tired list of Regular Army, pay----- 996 Red Cross, American National: Naval expenses incident to transporta- tion, etc., in time of war, appropria- tion for------------------------ 497 Transfers of property to, exemption from District of Columbia inheri- tance tax---------------------- 303 Red-Ouachita River Basin, flood-protec- tion project authorized------------- 647 Red River: Flood control, general plan for, author- ized------------------------- 647 Improvement authorized ------------- 635 South half, payment to Oklahoma from oil and gas royalties ------------ 353 Red River and Tributaries, N. Dak., ex- amination and survey authorized---- 652 CLI