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INDEX Selective Training and Service Act of Pae 1940-Continued. Reenactment of certain provisions----- 341 Report to Congress, monthly, respect- ing number of men in active train- ing in land forces, discontinuance__ 871 United States Employment Service, transfer of certain placement func- tions ------------------------- 1101 Women's Army Corps, former members of Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, reemployment benefits, applicabil- ity of provisions----------------- 971 Sells, Ariz., Indians, appropriation for quarters-------------------------- 358 Seminole Agency, Fla., appropriation for eradication of fever ticks among live- stock of Indians ------------------ 355 Senate. See also Congress; Legislative Branch of the Government. Administrative assistants to Senators, appropriation for---------------- 911 Appointments with consent of- Admiral in the Coast Guard, perma- nent grade, designated appoint- ments authorized-------------- 60 Atomic Energy Commission -------- 756 General Manager of Commission__ 757 Brigadier generals of the line, perma- nent, designated persons----- 56, 936 Consuls or vice consuls, commissions of Foreign Service staff officers and employees as-------------- 1010 Diplomatic representatives, princi- pal ----------------------- - 1007 District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency, members -------- 793 Economic Advisers to the President, Council of-------------------- 24 Farmers' Home Administration, Ad- ministrator ------------------ 1064 Fleet Admiral of the U. S. Navy, permanent grade, designated ap- pointments authorized ---------- 59 Foreign Service officers --------- 426, 1007 Foreign Service Reserve officers, com- mission as diplomatic or consular officers---------------------- 1009 General in the Marine Corps, perma- nent grade, designated appoint- ments authorized-------------- 60 General of the Army, permanent grade, designated appointments authorized ---------------- -- 59 Housing Expediter---------------- 208 Indian Claims Commission--------- 1050 Interior, Department of the, Solicitor of--------------------------- 312 Judges. See under United States Courts. Senate-Continued. Page Appointments with consent of-Con. Justice, Department of- Antitrust Division, appointees at salaries of $8,225 or more --- 459 Special attorneys, etc., at salaries of $8,225 or more -------- -- 460 Labor, Department of- Assistant Secretaries------------ 91 Under Secretary -------- _---- -- 91 Marine Corps-- General in the Marine Corps, au- thorization --. ------ ------ 60 Personnel, designated, to perma- nent commissioned grades--- 93 Naval Research, Chief of----------- 779 Navy- Osteopathy, graduates of schools of, as commissioned medical of- ficers-- ------------------- 858 Personnel, designated, to perma- nent commissioned grades --- 93 Philippine War Damage Commission 128 Price Decontrol Board------------ 669 Public Health Service, Regular Corps, specialists------------------- 421 State, Department of, Under Secre- tary for Economic Affairs------ 789 Appropriations, Senate Committee on. See separate title. Atomic energy, bills, etc., relating to, reference to Joint Committee on Atomic Energy------------ -- 772 Bankhead, John H., appropriation for payment to widow of------------ 262 Chaplain, appropriation for----------- 887 Clerical assistance- Additional, appropriation for------- 601 Appropriation for --------------- 57, 389 Pay in case of death of Senator. -- -- 390 Committee employees- Appropriation for----------------- 387 Availability of appropriations for pay of designated employees-------- 835 Rearrangement of salary schedules, etc.; limitations--------------- 390 Compensation. See under Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946. Contingent expenses, appropriation for- 103, 184,391, 602, 911 Designations with consent of, United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, repre- sentatives -------------------- 712 Document Room- Appropriation for----------------- 387 Superintendent, salary increase, amendment of Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1947 601 CLIX