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CLXXXVII War Department-Continued. Military attaches, funds available for rental of offices, etc------------ Missouri Pacific Railroad tracks at White River, Ark., relocation, etc., authorized; conditions--------- Mount, no additional pay to officer Page 553 116 owning ------------------------- 543 National Board for Promotion of Rifle Practice. See separate title. National Defense, Council of, discon- tinuance of report---.----------- 870 National Guard. See separate title. National Park Service, Department of the Interior, transfer of surplus property to; restriction----------- 378 Naval Establishment, reimbursement for pay, allowances, etc., of naval dental officers detailed to Military Establishment------------------ 543 Navy Department, relief from reim- bursement for amounts from desig- nated appropriations; settlement of accounts-------------------- 228 Occupied areas- Administration, funds for----------- 562 Government and relief, appropriation for------------------------- 560 Ordnance Department- Chief of Ordnance, Office of, appro- priation for------------------ 561 Ordnance Service and Supplies- Appropriation for ---- -.. -- -- 553 Reductions in appropriations---- 13, 224 Transfers of designated amounts, authorized------------------ 14 Rock Island Bridge, Rock Island, Ill., appropriation for maintenance-- 554 Transfer of funds for, authorized - 14 Organized Reserves, Army. See separate title. Overthrow of U. S. Government, re- striction on employment of per- sons advocating -------------- 167, 564 Painting, etc., of war scenes or portraits, restriction on payment for-------- 546 Panama Canal- Civil government, appropriation for increased pay costs------------ 114 Construction of additional facilities, appropriation for-------------- 165 Maintenance, etc.- Appropriation for------------- 114, 164 Reduction in appropriation .- - - - - 11 Printing and binding, appropriation for------------------------ 164 Seacoast defenses, reduction in appro- priation- .-. ---.--- _. -- 225 Pay costs, increased, certain, increase in limitation on anDropriation _- --- 83 War Department-Continued. Per diem rates of allowance ---------- Personnel, additional, restriction on em- Page 545 ployment ---------------------- 562 Personnel ceilings; nonapplicability to designated employees ----------- 220 Philippine Islands- Military assistance to, appropriation for----------- ------

916 Philippines, Army of, transfer of funds for, authorized---------- 14 Property transfers by Government departments and agencies, con- sultation required --------.- - - - 316 Securities against loss, etc., of certain military supplies, return author- ized ----------------------- 900 Philippine Scouts- Benefits, privileges, etc., applicability of provisions of U. S . laws---- 223, 224 Rate of payment---------------- 224 Post exchanges, limitation on use of funds for----------------------- 563 Price Administration, Office of, author- ized disclosures by-------------- 609 Printing and binding- Appropriation for----------------- 562 Reduction in appropriations_ -- 14, 225, 626 Prisoners of war, funds for maintenance, etc--------------------------- 565 Property under jurisdiction of, use for prosecution of certain civil works - 643 Public moneys, advances of, nonappli- cability of restrictions on--------- 564 Public works, restriction on use of funds_ 566 Publications, restriction on pay of Army personnel connected with certain. 544 Quartermaster Corps- Cemeterial expenses, appropriation for----------------- 83,84, 160 ,268 Clothing and equipage- Appropriation for--------------- 547 Reduction in appropriation ----- 13, 625 Horses, draft and pack animals- Appropriation for -------------- 548 Reduction in appropriation------- 13 Incidental expenses, appropriation for------------------------- 548 Military posts, reduction in appro- priation --------------------- 625 Quartermaster General, Office of, ap- propriation for---------------- 561 Quartermaster Service- Appropriation for---------------- 546 Reduction in appropriation - 13, 224 , 625 Transfer of funds for, authorized-- 14 Reduction in appropriations-- 13 ,224,625 Subsistence of the Army- Appropriation for---------------- 546 Reduction in appropriation ------ 13 INDEX ^.^vw. ` ' ~~ i --- r- o---~~