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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 143 -APR . 19, 1946 EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT 59 Stat. 106. For- The White House Office: "Salaries and expenses", $30,000; Bureau of the Budget: "Salaries and expenses", $280,000; Office for Emergency Management: "Office of Alien Property Custodian". (The amount, $332,900, which may be used for general administration expenses by other agencies on a reimbursable basis.) Total, Executive Office of the President, $340,000. INDEPENDENT OFFICES 59 Stat. 107. For- Civil Service Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $1,300,000; Employees' Compensation Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $140,000; Federal Communications Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $363,000; "Salaries and expenses, national defense", $194,000; "Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation": (The amount which may be used for administrative expenses is increased by $417,000.) Federal Power Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $287,300; "Flood control surveys", $17,700; Federal Trade Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $232,000; General Accounting Office: "Salaries", $4,813,000; Interstate Commerce Commission: "General administrative expenses", $380,000; "Safety of employees", $42,000; "Signal safety systems", $9,800; "Locomotive inspection", $43,600; "Valuation of property of carriers", $56,000; "Motor transport regulation", $341,000; "Salaries and expenses, emergency", $24,000; "National Capital Housing Authority", $1,850; National Labor Relations Board: "Salaries", $348,000; "Salaries and expenses (national defense)", $57,600; National Mediation Board: "Salaries and expenses", $19,600; National Railroad Adjustment Board: "Salaries and ex- penses", $23,850; Securities and Exchange Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $385,000; Tariff Commission: "Salaries and expenses", $120,200; "The Tax Court of the United States", $48,800; Veterans' Administration: "Administration, medical, hospital, and domiciliary services", $54,168,000; Total, Independent Offices, $63,416,300. FEDERAL SECURITY AGENCY 59 Stat. 36S For- "Columbia Institution for the Deaf", $13,000; Food and Drug Administration: "Enforcement operations", $433,000; "General administration", $16,900; Freedmen's Hospital: "Salaries and expenses", $253,300; Howard University: "Salaries", $13,500; 105