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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 243-APR. 30, 1946 57 Stat. 162. 60 U. 8. C., Snpp. V, app. 1 1471. Post, pp . 906, 945. Restrictions on pay- ments. Approval and pay- ment of claims. their positions to serve in the merchant marine, and for other purposes", approved June 23, 1943); 3) any church or other religious organization; and (4) any unincorporated association, trust, or corporation (or, upon dissolution, its successor) organized pursuant to the laws of any of the several States or of the United States or of any Territory or possession thereof (including any other unincorpo- rated association, trust, corporation or sociedad anonima organ- ized pursuant to the laws in effect in the Philippines at the time of its organization), but excluding any corporation wholly owned by the Commonwealth of the Philippines (or the Republic of the Philippines). SEc. 103. The Commission shall make no payment under the pro- visions of this title- (a) to any enemy alien; (b) to any person who, by a civil or military court having jurisdiction, has been found guilty of collaborating with the enemy, or of any act involving disloyalty to the United States or the Commonwealth of the Philippines; (c) to any unincorporated association, trust, corporation or sociedad anonima owned or controlled by any -of the persons specified in clauses (a) and (b) of this section; (d) to compensate for any loss of or damage to property which, at the time of loss or damage, was insured against any one or more of the perils specified in section 102 hereof, except to the extent that the loss or damage exceeds the amount of such insurance, whether or not collectible; (e) to compensate for any loss or damage- (1) for which the War Department or the Navy Depart- ment is authorized to make payment, or (2) for which compensation or indemnity is otherwise payable, or has been paid, or is authorized to be paid by the Government of the Commonwealth of the Philippines (Republic of the Philippines), or by the United States Gov- ernment or by their respective departments, establishments, or agencies, unless the War Department, Navy Department, respective department, establishment, or agency concerned has declined to pay compensation or indemnity for such loss or damage; (f) unless the claimant shall file with the Commission, within twelve months after the date on which public notice is given as prescribed in section 101 (c) of this titre, a claim in reasonable conformity with the requirements of this title and such reason- able regulations as shall be established by the Commission. SEo. 104. (a) No claim shall be paid unless approved by the Com- mission or its authorized representatives, and on account of each claim so approved the Commission may make immediate payment of (1) so much of the approved amount of the claim as does not exceed five hundred dollars or one thousand Philippine pesos, plus (2) such percentage, not in excess of 80 per centum of the remainder of the approved amount of the claim as the Commission shall make appli- cable to all approved claims, due consideration having been given to the total funds available for distribution. After the time for filing claims has expired, the Commission shall determine the amount of money available for the further payment of claims. Such funds shall e applied pro rata toward the payment of the unpaid balances of the amounts authorized to be paid pursuant to section 102 of this title. [60 STAT.