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PUBLIC LAWS-OH. 243-APR. 30, 1946 Notifiation of a c SEC. 113. The Commission shall notify all claimants of the approval or denial of their claims, and, if approved, shall notify such claim- ants of the amount for which such claims are approved. Any claim- ant whose claim is denied, or is approved for less than the full allow- able amount of said claim, shall be entitled, under such regulations as the Commission may prescribe, to a hearing before the Commis- sion or its representatives with respect to such claim. Upon such hearing, the Commission may affirm, modify, or reverse its former action with respect to such claim, including a denial or reduction in Fnaoity o fndng. the amount of a claim theretofore approved. All findings of the Commission concerning the amount of loss or damage sustained, the cause of such loss or damage, the persons to whom compensation pur- suant to this title is payable, and the value of the property lost or damaged, shall be conclusive and shall not be reviewable by any court. TITLE II-DISPOSAL OF SURPLUS PROPERTY pAthority of di SPw. 201. In order to expedite the disposition of surplus property poa agncy. Pw.p.8. of the United States in the Philippines and to aid in repairing and replacing buildings (including hospitals, educational, and charitable institutions furnishing essential health, educational, and welfare services), works, utilities, equipment, or other property, owned by the Commonwealth of the Philippines, provincial governments, char- tered cities or municipalities, or other governmental units in the Philippines, in cases where such government-owned buildings, works, utilities, equipment, or other property have been damaged, lost, or destroyed in the war, and otherwise to aid in facilitating the normal operations of existing governmental units in the Philippines, the BStat. 7.Bu Department of State, the disposal agency for the Philippines desig- v,5appU. 8 1 1n-4ep. nated under the Surplus Property Act of 1944, acting through the s. 168, Foreign Liquidation Commissioner (hereinafter referred to as the morah etoCo"m Commissioner"), is hereby authorized to transfer to the Common- wealth of the Philippines, provincial governments, chartered cities or municipalities, without reimbursement, property of the United States now or hereafter located in the Philippines and declared sur- plus under the Surplus Property Act of 1944, upon such terms and conditions, including the use or disposition of such property by the Commonwealth of the Philippines, as the Commissioner may deem appropriate to carry out the purposes of this title. Record of traner; S Ec. 202. At the time any such property is so transferred to the Commonwealth of the Philippines (Republic of the Philippines), the Commissioner shall make a record of (1) the items transferred, (2) the condition of such items, and (3) his estimate of the fair value of such items. The Commissioner shall make quarterly reports to the President and the Congress concerning the administration of this title. Disposas. SEC. 203. Surplus property now or hereafter located in the Philip- pines shall be disposed of only in accordance with the provisions of 58 Ut8. . , s8pp. this Act and the Surplus Property Act of 1944 as heretofore or here- v, pp. 1161 -164l . after amended. Such disposals shall not be subject to the provisions sip,7M,. s6 of any law inconsistent herewith. The Commission shall, so far as practicable, dispose of surplus property in the Philippines in such a manner and in such quantities, within the provisions of the Surplus Property Act, as will prevent unnecessary distribution costs and excessive profits. Sito SEC. 204. No military weapons, munitions, or toxic gas shall be transferred or otherwise disposed of under section 201. A4regate SEo. 205. The fair value of the property transferred to the Com- monwealth of the Philippines (Republic of the Philippines) provin- cial governments, chartered cities or municipalities under section 201, 134 [60 STAT.