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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 243-APR. 30, 1946 138 Meteorological fadcil- ities. Filipino trainees. Cooperation of Fish and Wildlife Service. Studies. Instruction. Research and exper imental facilities. Transfer of asall vessels. in air-traffic control, aircraft communications, maintenance of air- navigation facilities, and such other airman functions as are deemed necessary for the maintenance and operation of aids to air navigation and other services essential to the orderly and safe operation of air traffic. WEATHER INFORMATION SEC. 308 . (a) The Chief of the Weather Bureau of the Depart- ment of Commerce is authorized to establish meteorological facilities in the Philippines as may be required to provide weather informa- tion, warnings, and forecasts for general agricultural and commercial activities, including meteorological service for the air routes on which air-navigation facilities are operated by the Civil Aeronautics Administration, and to maintain such meteorological offices until the Philippine Weather Bureau is reestablished and in position to assume responsibility for the service. (b) The Chief of the Weather Bureau of the Department of Com- merce is authorized, under such regulations as he may adopt, to train not to exceed fifty Filipinos in the first year and not to exceed twenty-five Filipinos in each succeeding year prior to July 1, 1950, the trainees to be designated by the President of the Philippines sub- ject to the provisions of section 311 (c), and the training to include meteorological observations, analyses, forecasting, briefing of pilots, and such other meteorological duties as are deemed necessary in maintenance of general weather service, including weather informa- tion required for air navigation and the safe operation of air traffic. The training of these employees shall be in addition to and not in lieu of Weather Bureau employees to be trained under current Weather Bureau appropriations. PHILIPPINE FISHERIES SEC. 309. (a) The Fish and Wildlife Service of the Department of the Interior is authorized to cooperate with the Government of the Philippines, and with other appropriate agencies or organiza- tions, in the rehabilitation and development of the fishing industry and in the investigation and conservation of the fishery resources of the Philippines and adjacent waters. (b) To accomplish such purposes the Fish and Wildlife Service shall conduct oceanographic, biological, fish cultural, technological, engineering, statistical, economic, and market development studies and demonstrations and fishery explorations, and in conjunction therewith may establish and maintain a vocational school or schools of fisheries in the Philippines for the purpose of providing practical instruction and training in the fisheries; and may, at any time prior to July 1, 1950, provide one year of training to not more than one hundred and twenty-five Filipinos, to be designated by the President of the Philippines subject to the provisions of section 311 (c), in methods of deep-sea fishing and in other techniques necessary to the development of fisheries. (c) The Fish and Wildlife Service is authorized to acquire, con- struct, maintain, equip, and operate such research and experimental stations, schools, research and exploratory fishing vessels, or any other facilities in the Philippines that may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this section. (d) The United States Maritime Commission is authorized, upon recommendation of the Fish and Wildlife Service of the Department of the Interior, to make arrangements for the transfer by sale or charter of small vessels, considered by the United States Maritime Commission to be satisfactory for the purpose, to be used in the [60 STAT.