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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 445 -JUNE 22, 1946 Adjustments in amounts. Land-use planning. Peanutstatistics. 49 Stat. 1898; 52 Stat. 348 . Cotton and apple reports. 46 Stat.497. Pos, p . 1039. United States, relative to agricultural production, distribution, land utilization, and conservation in their broadest aspects, including farm management and practice, utilization of farm and food products, pur- chasing of farm supplies, farm population and rural life, farm labor, farm finance, insurance and taxation, adjustments in production to probable demand for the different farm and food products; land ownership and values, costs, prices and income in their relation to agri- culture, including causes for their variations and trends, $2,163,457, together with such amounts from other appropriations or authoriza- tions as are provided in the schedules in the Budget for the current fiscal year for such salaries and expenses, which several amounts or portions thereof, as may be determined by the Secretary, not exceed- ing a total of $71,150 shall be transferred to and made a part of this appropriation: Provided, however, That if the total amounts of such appropriations or authorizations for the current fiscal year shall at any time exceed or fall below the amounts estimated, respectively, therefor in the Budget for such year, the amounts transferred or to be trans- ferred therefrom to this appropriation and the amount which may be expended for personal services in the District of Columbia shall be increased or decreased in such amounts as the Director of the Bureau of the Budget, after a hearing thereon with representatives of the Department, shall determine are appropriate to the requirements as changed by such reductions or increases in such appropriations or authorizations: Provided further, That no part of the funds herein appropriated or made available to the Bureau of Agricultural Eco- nomics under the heading "Economic investigations" shall be used for State and county land-use planning, for conducting cultural sur- veys, or for the maintenance of regional offices. Crop and livestock estimates: For collecting, compiling, abstracting, analyzing, summarizing, interpreting, and publishing data relating to agriculture, including crop and livestock estimates, acreage, yield, grades, staples of cotton, stocks, and value of farm crops and numbers, grades, and value of livestock and livestock products on farms, and for the collection and publication of statistics of peanuts as provided by the Act approved June 24, 1936, as amended May 12, 1938 (7 U. S. C. 951-957), $2,132,000: Provided, That no part of the funds herein appropriated shall be available for any expense incident to ascertain- ing, collating, or publishing a report stating the intention of farmers as to the acreage to be planted in cotton, or for estimates of apple production for other than the commercial crop. OFFICE OF FOREIGN AGRICULTURAL RELATIONS Salaries and expenses: For carrying out the functions of the Secre- tary under the Act of June 5, 1930, as amended (7 U. S. C. 541-545), and for enabling the Secretary to coordinate and integrate activities of the Department in connection with foreign agricultural work, including the employment of persons and means in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, the purchase, maintenance, repair, and opera- tion of one passenger automobile in the District of Columbia, and the purchase of books and periodicals and not to exceed $500 for newspapers, $650,000. INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION CONTROL COMMITTEES Not to exceed $12,500 may be expended from the appropriations "Salaries and expenses, Agricultural Adjustment Administration" and "Sugar Act" for the share of the United States as a member of the International Wheat Advisory Committee, the International Sugar 274 [60 STAT.