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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 445-JUNE 22, 1946 BUREAU OF AGRICULTURAL AND INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY SALARIES AND EXPENSES For investigations, experiments, and demonstrations hereinafter authorized, including the employment of necessary persons and means in the city of Washington and elsewhere, of which not to exceed $202,274 may be expended for personal services in the District of Columbia, as follows: Agricultural chemical investigations: For conducting the investiga- 12Stat.387. tions contemplated by the Act of May 15, 1862 (5 U. S . C . 511, 512), relating to the application of chemistry to agriculture; for the bio- logical, chemical, physical, microscopical, and technological investiga- tion of foods, feeds, drugs, plant and animal products, and substances used in the manufacture thereof; for investigations of the physio- logical effects and for the pharmacological testing of such products and of insecticides; for the investigation and development of methods for the manufacture of sugars, sugar sirups, and starches and the utilization of new agricultural materials for such purposes; and for the technological investigation of the utilization of fruits and vege- tables and for frozen pack investigations; $461,500. Naval-stores investigations: For the investigation of naval stores (turpentine and rosin) and their components; the investigation and experimental demonstration of improved equipment, methods, or processes of preparing naval stores; the weighing, storing, handling, transportation, and utilization of naval stores; and for the assembling and compilation of data on production, distribution, and consumption 4DStat.663. of turpentine and rosin, pursuant to the Act of August 15, 1935 (5 U. S. C. 556b), $140,000. Regional research laboratories: For continuing the researches estab- lished under the provisions of section 202 (a) to 202 (e), inclusive, 52Stat.37. of title II of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 (7 U. S . C . 1292), including research on food products of farm commodities, $4,450,000. BUREAU OF HUMAN NUTRITION AND HOME ECONOMICS Salaries and expenses: For necessary expenses, including not to exceed $300,202 for personal services in the District of Columbia, of the Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics for conducting investigations of the relative utility and economy of agricultural products for food, clothing, and other uses in the home, with special suggestions of plans and methods for the more effective utilization of such products for these purposes, and such economic investigations, including housing and household buying, as have for their purpose the improvement of the rural home, and for disseminating useful information on this subject, $917,000. WHITE PINE BLISTER RUST CONTROL For expenses necessary to enable the Secretary to carry out the purposes of the Act entitled "An Act for forest protection against 4Stat.168 . the white pine blister rust", approved April 26, 1940 (16 U. S. C . 594a), and in accordance with the provisions thereof, including the employment of persons and means in the District of Columbia and for dnaity aen elsewhere, $6,000,000, of which amount $646,418 shall be available ies. to the Department of the Interior for control of white pine blister rust on or endangering Federal lands under the jurisdiction of that Department or lands of Indian tribes which are under the juris- diction of or retained under restrictions of the United States; $2,599,471 of said amount to the Forest Service for the control of 282 r60 STAT.