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284 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 445-JUNE 22, 1946 [60 STAT. forest tree nurseries, including the procurement of tree seed and nursery stock by purchase production, or otherwise, seeding and tree planting and the care of plantations and young growth; the operation and maintenance of airplanes and the purchase of not to exceed four; the maintenance of roads and trails and the construction and mainte- nance of all other improvements necessary for the proper and eco- nomical administration, protection, development, and use of the national forests, including experimental areas under Forest Service Directpurchases. administration, except that where, in the opinion of the Secretary, direct purchases will be more economical than construction, improve- ments may be purchased; the construction (not to exceed $10,000 for any one structure), equipment, and maintenance of sanitary and recre- ational facilities; control of destructive forest tree diseases and insects; timber cultural operations; development and application of fish and game management plans; propagation and transplanting of plants suitable for planting on semi-arid portions of the national forests; estimating and appraising of timber and other resources and develop- ment and application of plans for their effective management, sale, Homestead lands. and use; examination, classification, surveying, and appraisal of land incident to effecting exchanges authorized by law and of lands within the boundaries of the national forests that may be opened to homestead settlement and entry under the Act of June 11, 1906, and the Act of s at. 233; 37 stat. August 10, 1912 (16 U. S. C. 506-509), as provided by the Act of March 4, 1913 (16 U. S . C . 512); investigation and establishment of water rights, including the purchase thereof or of lands or interests in lands or rights-of-way for use and protection of water rights necessary or beneficial in connection with the administration and public use of the national forests; and all expenses necessary for the use, maintenance, improvement, protection, and general administration of the national forests, $21,786,000. Fighting forest fires: For fighting and preventing forest fires on or threatening lands under Forest Service administration, including lands under contract for purchase or in process of condemnation for Forest Service purposes, $100,000, which amount shall also be avail- able for meeting obligations of the preceding fiscal year. Forest research: For forest research in accordance with the pro- visions of sections 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, and 10 of the Act entitled "An Act to insure adequate supplies of timber and other forest products for the people of the United States, to promote the full use for timber growing and other purposes of forest lands in the United States, including farm wood lots and those abandoned areas not suitable for agricultural production, and to secure the correlation and the most economical conduct of forest research in the Department of Agricul- ture through research in reforestation, timber growing, protection, 8tat. 699. utilization, forest economics, and related subjects', approved May 22, 16 U. S. C., Supp. v, iIsih. 1928, as amended (16 U. S . C. 581, 581a, 581f-581i), including the construction and maintenance of improvements, as follows: Forest and range management investigations: Fire, silvicultural, . . watershed, and other forest investigations and experiments under said 16Us.C.S. section 2, as amended, and investigations and experiments to develop improved methods of management of forest and other ranges under 16 U.B.c . 5s8f section 7, at forest or range experiment stations or elsewhere, $2,380,000. Forest products: Experiments, investigations, and tests of forest 16U.S .C . 181g. products under section 8, at the Forest Products Laboratory, or else- where, $1,395,000, of which at least $10,000 shall be expended for research in the utilization of waste woods. Forest resources investigations: A comprehensive forest survey