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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 502-JUNE 26, 1946 Cooperation with "SEC. 4 . That the Commission is authorized to cooperate with American citizens, States, municipalities, or associations desiring to erect war memorials outside the continental limits of the United States in such manner as may be determined by the Commission: Provided, That no assistance in erecting any such memorial shall be given by any administrative agency of the United States unless the plan has been approved in accordance with the provisions of this Act. Location of memo- "SEo. 5. That the Commission shall advise the Secretary of War rial. of the location and date of completion of each memorial erected by it. corrangements wit "SEC. 6 . That the President is requested to make the necessary arrangements with the proper authorities of the countries concerned to enable the Commission to carry out the purposes of this Act. Receipt of funds "SEC. 7. That the Commission is authorized to receive funds from any State, municipal, or private source for the purpose of this Act, and such funds shall be deposited by the Commission with the Treas- urer of the United States and shall be kept by him in separate accounts and shall be disbursed upon vouchers approved by the Chairman of the Commission. Preparation of "SEC. 8 . That authority is hereby given for the preparation of odes agns models and designs and the fabrication of memorials, and the materials for such memorials, at arsenals or navy yards, or by other govern- mental agencies, if the Commission shall so determine. Captured war ma- Authority is hereby given for the use of captured war materials, not otherwise disposed of by congressional action, in the fabrication of memorials constructed under the provisions of this Act. Sale of replicas. "SEc. 9. That the Commission is authorized to furnish replicas of any memorial, or any part thereof, to States, municipalities, or inter- ested private persons or associations at actual cost, and to apply any proceeds from such sales to the purposes of this Act. Financial state- "SEC. 10. That the Commission shall transmit to the President of the United States annually on the 1st of July a statement of all its financial and other transactions during the preceding fiscal year. Records and ar- "SEC. 11 . That the records and archives of the Commission shall, upon the termination of its duties, be deposited with the National Archives. Transferofadminis- "SEC. 12. That the President may by Executive order transfer to trative functions. the Commission, with respect to any national cemeteries located out- side of the United States and its Territories and possessions, the same functions of administration which were transferred to the Commis- sion with respect to national cemeteries located in Europe by 5U. . C. 132note. Executive Order 6614, dated February 26, 1934. Appropriations au- "SEC. 13. That such sum or sums as Congress may hereafter appro- post, p.610. priate for the purposes of this Act are hereby authorized to be appropriated. miAuthority of Co m - SE. 14. That within the limits of any appropriation or appro- priations made for such purposes, the Commission is authorized (1) to acquire land or interest in land in foreign countries for carrying out the purposes of this Act or of any Executive order conferring functions upon the Commission without submission to the Attorney General of the United States under the provisions of section 355 of the Revised Statutes (34 U. S. C. 520; 40 U. S. C. 255); (2) to maintain, repair, and operate motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles and other property, which may be furnished to the Com- mission by other departments of the Government; (3) to establish offices in the District of Columbia and elsewhere in or outside of the United States; (4) to rent office and garage space in foreign countries which may be paid for in advance; (5) to procure printing, binding, engraving, lithographing, photographing, and typewriting, including the publication of information concerning the American [60 STAT.