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79TH CONG., 2D SESS.-CH. 529-JULY 1, 1946 this section shall be used for the broadcast of radio programs de- signed for or calculated to influence the passage or defeat of any legislation pending before the Congress. WAR AGENCY LIQUIDATION War Agency Liquidation: For all expenses necessary for liquidat- ing the War Relocation Authority program provided for in Execu- tive Order 9102 and in the President's message of June 12, 1944, to Congress (House Document 656, Seventy-eighth Congress), includ- ing personal services in the District of Columbia; travel expenses; printing and binding, $150,000. OFFICE OF SOLICITOR For personal services in the District of Columbia and in the field, $263,885. DIVISION OF TERRITORIES AND ISLAND POSSESSIONS For personal services in the District of Columbia, $156,526. OIL AND GAS DIVISION Oil and Gas Division: For all expenses necessary for coordi- nating and unifying policies and administration of Federal activi- ties relative to oil, gas, and synthetic fuels, including cooperation with the petroleum industry and State authorities in the produc- tion, processing, and utilization of petroleum and petroleum products, natural gas, and synthetic fuels and the compilation of technical reports thereon, for administering and enforcing the provisions of the Act of February 22, 1935, as amended (15 U. S . C., ch. 15A); and for the liquidation of the Petroleum Adminis- tration for War; including personal services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere; not to exceed $10,000 for employment of a director without regard to the civil-service and classification laws; travel expenses; contract stenographic reporting services; printing and binding; and the purchase (not to exceed five), maintenance, operation, and repair of passenger automobiles; $400,000. DIVISION OF GEOGRAPHY Salaries and expenses: For all necessary expenses of the Divi- sion of Geography, in performing the duties imposed upon the Secretary by Executive Order 6680, dated April 17, 1934, relating to uniform usage in regard to geographic nomenclature and orthography throughout the Federal Government, including personal services in the District of Columbia, stationery and office supplies, and printing and binding, $12,956. SOIL AND MOISTURE CONSERVATION OPERATIONS For all necessary expenses of administering and carrying out directly and in cooperation with other agencies a soil and moisture conservation program on lands under the jurisdiction of the Depart- ment of the Interior in accordance with the provisions of the Act of April 27, 1935 (16 U. S. C . 590a-590f), and Reorganization Plan Numbered IV, including $98,700 for departmental personal services including such services in the District of Columbia; traveling expenses; printing and binding; furniture, furnishings, office equip- ment and supplies; purchase (not to exceed six), operation, main- tenance, and repair of motor-propelled and horse-drawn passenger- carrying vehicles, hire, maintenance, and operation of aircraft, 349 3 OFR, Cum. Supp, p. 1123 . Ante, p. 312 . 49 Stat. 30 . 15U.S.C.§715- 7151; Supp. V, I 7151. 3 CFR, p. 29S 49 Stat. 163. 16 U. S. C., Supp. V, § 590da seq. 54 Stat. 1235. 5U.S.C.§133t note. 60 STAT.]