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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 529-JULY 1, 1946 reservations; the purchase or rental of equipment, tools, and appli- ances; the acquisition of rights-of-way; the development of domestic and stock water and water for subsistence gardens; the purchase of water rights, ditches, and lands needed for irrigation purposes; drain- age and protection of irrigable lands from damage by floods or loss of water rights; preparation of raw reservation lands for irrigation farming, expenditures for which shall be repayable on a per-acre basis by the lands benefited; as follows: Arizona: Colorado River, $350,000; Navajo, Arizona and New Mexico, $47,500; Papago, $19,000; Salt River, $28,500; California: Mission, $9,500; Sacramento, $14,250; Colorado: Southern Ute, $14,250. Montana: Fort Belknap, $5,938; Fort Peck, $42,750; Nevada: Carson, $14,725; Pyramid Lake, $23,750; Western Sho- shone, $26,125; New Mexico: United Pueblos, $14,250; Oregon: Warm Springs, $9,500; Wyoming: Wind River, $19,000; Miscellaneous garden tracts, $47,500; For surveys and investigations, $237,500; In all, $924,038, reimbursable in accordance with law, and to remain available until completion of the projects: Provided,That the foregoing amounts may be used interchangeably in the discretion of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, but not more than 10 per centum of any specific amount shall be transferred to any other amount, and no appropriation shall be increased by more than 10 per centum. Construction, and so forth, buildings and utilities: For the con- struction, repair, or rehabilitation of Indian Service buildings and utilities, including the purchase of land and the acquisition of ease- ments or rights-of-way; purchase of furniture, furnishings, and equip- ment; private architectural and engineering services, as follows: Alaska: Schools, hospitals, and quarters, $1,359,700; Carson, Nevada: Improvements to utilities, $15,000; Cheyenne and Arapaho, Oklahoma: School dormitory, $10,000; improvements to utilities, $30,000; Colville, Washington: Remodeling employees quarters, $7,500; Crow, Montana: Improvements to utilities, $9,000; Crow Creek, South Dakota: Quarters, $7,000; improvements to utilities, $7,000; Fort Apache, Arizona: For the purpose of cooperating with McNary school district, Apache County, Arizona, for the construction and improvement of public-school buildings, for which the Indian Service may furnish plans, $25,000: Provided, That the expenditure of any money so appropriated shall be subject to the condition that the schools maintained by said district shall be available to all Indian children of the school district on the same terms as other children of said school district: Provided further, That the amount expended on this project shall be recouped by the United States within a period of thirty years, commencing with the date of occupancy of the project, by the acceptance of Indian pupils in this school without cost to the United States; and, in computing the amount of recoupment of the project, interest at 3 per centum per annum shall be included on unrecouped balances: Provided further, That with the consent of the Tribal Council of the White Mountain Apache Tribe of the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona, the Secretary may set aside tribal land at McNary, Arizona, as a school reserve so long as such land is needed for school purposes. Fort Belknap, Montana: Improvements to utilities, $51,500; Hoopa Valley, California: Improvements to utilities, $30,000; 357 Interchange of ap- propriations. Condition. Recoupment. School rerve.