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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 529-JULY 1, 1946 purposes in aid of such irrigation system, shall not be construed to be such a distribution; Interchange of appropriations: Ten per centum of the foregoing amounts for operation and maintenance projects shall be available interchangeably for expenditures on the reclamation projects named; but not more than 10 per centum shall be added to the amount appro- priated for any one of said projects, except that should existing works or the water supply for lands under cultivation be endangered by floods or other unusual conditions, an amount sufficient to make necessary emergency repairs shall become available for expenditure by further transfer of appropriation from any of said projects upon approval of the Secretary; Total, from reclamation fund, $35,827,468. GENERAL FUND, CONSTRUCTION For continuation of construction of the following projects in not to exceed the following amounts to be immediately available, to remain available until expended for carrying out projects (including the construction of transmission lines) previously or herein authorized by Congress, and to be reimbursable under the reclamation law: Gila project, Arizona, $2,000,000, from which expenditures may be made for land leveling, construction of farm ditches on units of public lands, production of soil-building crops, and the preparation of raw public lands for irrigation farming, any such expenditures to be charged into the construction costs to be repayable by the lands bene- fited, and any sums received from the sale of crops or otherwise as a result of these operations to be credited to such construction costs; Davis Dam project, Arizona-Nevada, $7,500,000 Central Valley project, California: Joint facilities, including stor- age system, Shasta Dam and Reservoir, $1,385,365; irrigation facili- ties, $6,284,020; power facilities, Shasta power plant, $1,435,097, Kes- wick Dam, $510,570, Keswick power plant, $510,570, switchyards at Shasta and Keswick Dams, $1,500,000, transmission lines, Shasta to Oroville, two hundred and thirty kilovolt, $10,000, Oroville to Sacra- mento, two hundred and thirty kilovolt, $1,000,000, Contra Costa Canal extension, sixty-nine kilovolt, $50,000; in all, $12,685,622; Kings River project, California, $100,000; Colorado-Big Thompson project, Colorado, $7,504,075; Hungry Horse project, Montana, $867,210; Colorado River project, Texas, $68,400; Columbia Basin project, Washington: For continuation of construc- tion and for other purposes authorized by the Columbia Basin Project Act of March 10, 1943 (57 Stat. 14), $18,000,000; Total, general fund, construction, $48,725,307. WATER CONSERVATION AND UTILIZATION PROJECTS For the construction of water conservation and utilization projects and small reservoirs, as authorized by the Act of August 11, 1939, as amended (16 U. S. C., 590y, 590z-1, 590z-2), $3,340,000, to be imme- diately available and to remain available until expended. FORT PECK PROJECT Fort Peck project, Montana: For construction of transmission lines substations, and other facilities as may be required by the Bureau of Reclamation, as authorized by the Act of May 18, 1938 (16 U. S . C . 833), $932,893, to be immediately available and to remain available until expended. 367 16 U. S. C., Supp. V, I§ 835-83i . 53 Stat. 1418. 16 U. . C., Supp. V, I 590y q. 2 Stat. 43.