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386 Purchase of law- books; etc. Limitations. Jackson Hole Na- tional Monument. 57 Stat. 731. Delegation of power, etc. Retained em- ployees. Short title. July 1, 194 Hn.R . 6429] [Public Law 479] Legislative Branch Apropriation Act, 1947. Ante, pp. 262, 263; pod, pp. 600 -03, 911, 912. Poet, p. 911. Post, p. 850. Expense allowance. Post, p. 860. PUBLIC LAWS--CHS 529, 530-JULY 1, 1946 [60 STAT. SEC. 8. Appropriations herein made shall be available for the pur- chase and exchange of lawbooks, books of reference, and periodicals, and for expenses incurred in completing broken sets, for use at the seat of government, and payment of dues, when authorized by the Secretary, for library membership in societies or associations which issue publications to members only or at a price to members lower than to subscribers who are not members: Provided, That expenditures for the foregoing purposes for the following bureaus and offices shall not exceed the following amounts: Office of the Secretary, $7,000; Oil and Gas Division, $350; Division of Geography, $600; Grazing Service (including headquarters at Salt Lake City), $625; General Land Office, $1,000; Bureau of Indian Affairs (including headquarters at Chicago), $500; Bureau of Reclamation, $2,500; Geological Survey, $6,000; Bureau of Mines, $2,500; National Park Service (including headquarters at Chicago), $2,500; and Soil and Moisture Conserva- tion Operations (all bureaus), $1,000. SEC. 9. No part of any appropriation contained in this Act shall be used directly or indirectly by way of wages, salaries, per diem or other- wise, for the performance of any new administrative function or the enforcement or issuance of any rule or regulation occasioned by the establishment of the Jackson Hole National Monument as described in Executive Proclamation Numbered 2578, dated March 15, 1943. SEC. 10. During the fiscal year 1947, the Secretary may delegate to the Under Secretary and the Assistant Secretaries the power to auth- orize changes in official stations of officers and employees and the pay- ment of expenses of travel and transportation of household goods in connection with such change of official stations. SEC. 11. No funds appropriated by this Act shall be available for the payment of the compensation of any employee retained after a reduction in force, unless such employee is retained as a result of appli- cation of retention preference regulations prescribed by the Civil Service Commission. Sic. 12. This Act may be cited as the "Interior Department Appro- priation Act, 1947". Approved July 1, 1946. [CHAPTER 530] AN ACT Making appropriations for the Legislative Branch for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1947, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums are appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the Legislative Branch for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1947, namely: SENATE SALARIES AND MILEAGE OF SENATORS For compensation of Senators, $960,000. For mileage of the President of the Senate and of Senators, $51,000. There shall be paid to each Senator after January 1, 1946, an expense allowance of $2,500 per annum to assist in defraying expenses related to or resulting from the discharge of his official duties, to be paid in equal monthly installments. For making such payments through June 30, 1947, $360,000, of which so much as is required to make such