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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 532 -JULY 1, 1946 within such period, he shall be deemed to have accepted the plan as changed or modified: Provided, however, That the plan as changed or modified shall comply with all the provisions of this chapter and shall have been accepted in writing by the petitioner. Either party may appeal from the interlocutory decree as in equity cases. In case said interlocutory decree shall prescribe a time within which any action is to be taken, the running of such time shall be suspended in case of an appeal until final determination thereof. In case said decree is affirmed, the judge may grant such time as he may deem proper for the taking of such action. "(f) In an interlocutory decree confirming the plan is entered as provided in subdivision (e) of this section, the plan and said decree of confirmation shall become and be binding upon all creditors affected by the plan, if within the time prescribed in the interlocutory decree, or such additional time as the judge may allow, the money, securities, or other consideration to be delivered to the creditors under the terms of the plan shall have been deposited with the court or such disbursing agent as the court may appoint or shall otherwise be made available for the creditors. And thereupon the court shall enter a final decree determining that the petitioner has made available for the creditors affected by the plan the consideration provided for therein and is discharged from all debts and liabilities dealt with in the plan except as provided therein, and that the plan is binding upon all creditors affected by it, whether secured or unsecured, and whether or not their claims have been filed or evidenced, and, if filed or evidenced, whether or not allowed, including creditors who have not, as well as those who have, accepted it. If securities are deposited by the petitioner with the court or disbursing agent for delivery to the creditors, such final decree shall not be entered unless the court finds and adjudicates that said securities have been lawfully authorized and, upon delivery, will constitute valid obligations of the petitioner, and that the pro- visions made to pay and secure payment thereof are valid. "(g) A certified copy of the final decree, or of any other decree or order entered by the court or the judge thereof, in a proceeding under this chapter, shall be evidence of the jurisdiction of the court, the regularity of the proceedings, and the fact that the decree or order was made. A certified copy of an order providing for the transfer of any property dealt with by the plan shall be evidence of the transfer of title accordingly, and, if recorded as conveyances are recorded, shall impart the same notice that a deed, if recorded, would impart. "(h) This chapter shall not be construed as to modify or repeal any prior existing statute relating to the refinancing or readjustment of indebtedness of municipalities, political subdivisions, or districts: Provided, however, That the initiation of proceedings or the filing of a petition under section 80 of this Act shall not constitute a bar to the same agency or instrumentality initiating a new proceeding under section 81 of this chapter. "(i) Nothing contained in this chapter shall be construed to limit or impair the power of any State to control, by legislation or otherwise, any municipality or any political subdivision of or in such State in the exercise of its political or governmental powers, including expendi- tures therefor: Provided, however, That no State law prescribing a method of composition of indebtedness of such agencies shall be bind- ing upon any creditor who does not consent to such composition, and no judgment shall be entered under such State law which would bind a creditor to such composition without his consent. "(j) The partial completion or execution of any plan of composi- tion as outlined in any petition filed under the terms of this Act by the exchange of new evidences of indebtedness under the plan for 415 Acceptance by peti- tioner. Appeal from inter- locutory decree. Decree of confirma- tion. Certified copies of decree or order. Chapter not to affect existing law. 48 Stat. 798. 11 U. 8. C. H§301- 303 note. Ante, p . 409. Power of State to control political sub- divisions. Partial completion or execution of plan.