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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 54 -JULY 5, 1946 59 Stat. 104. 22 U. S. c., Supp. V, §12. Post,p. 1038 . 46 Stat. 1211; 53 Stat. 584 . 22 U. S. 0., Supp. V,§21. Post,p. 1038 . Post, p. 620. Pot, p. 620 . 59 Stat. 103 . 22 U. S. C., Supp. V, 3(c). Post, p. 1038 . Despatch agencies. Services to Ameri- can vessels and sea- men. 23 Stat. 56 . Citizenship require- ment. Assignment of mili- tary and naval per- sonnel as custodians. 54 Stat. 377. 46 Stat. 1207 . 22U.S.C.§1t seq.; Supp. V, I la et seq. Post, p. 1037 et seq. Post, p. 620. Representation allowances, Foreign Service: For representation allowances as authorized by section 8 of the Act of May 3, 1945 (Public Law 48), $800,000. Foreign Service retirement and disability fund: For financing the liability of the United States, created by the Act approved February 23, 1931, as amended by the Act of April 24, 1939 (22 U. S . C. 21 -21 (o)), $1,051,000, which amount shall be placed to the credit of the "Foreign Service retirement and disability fund". Salaries of clerical, administrative, and fiscal personnel, Foreign Service: For salaries of vice consuls commissioned by the Secretary of State and of clerical, administrative. and fiscal personnel in the Foreign Service, including salaries while under instruction in the United States and during transit to and from homes in the United States upon the beginning and after termination of services, $10,200,000. Miscellaneous salaries and allowances, Foreign Service: For sala- ries or compensation of kavasses, guards, dragomans porters, inter- preters, prison keepers, translators, archive collators, Chinese writers, messengers, couriers, telephone operators, radio operators, supervisors of construction, custodial and operating force for maintenance and operation of Government-owned and leased diplomatic and consular properties in foreign countries, and assignment of qualified persons as provided in section 5 of the Act of May 3, 1945 (Public Law 48), including salaries while under instruction in the United States and during transit to and from their homes in the United States upon the beginning and after termination of service in foreign countries; compensation of agents and employees of despatch agencies estab- lished by the Secretary of State; operation of motor-propelled and other passenger- and non-passenger-carrying vehicles; for allowances to consular officers, who are paid in whole or in part by fees, for services necessarily rendered to American vessels and seamen, as provided in the Act of June 26, 1884 (22 U. S. C. 89; 46 U. S. C. 101); and such other miscellaneous personal services as may be necessary; $5,996,000: Provided, That no part of this appropriation shall be expended for salaries or wages of persons not American citizens performing clerical services (except interpreters, translators, and messengers), whether officially designated as clerks or not, in any diplomatic mission or in the diplomatic section of any combined mission: Provided further, That the Secretaries of War and Navy are authorized, upon request by the Secretary of State, to assign enlisted men of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps to serve as custodians, under the immediate supervision of the Secretary of State or the chief of mission, whichever the Secretary of State shall direct, at embassies, legations, or consulates of the United States located in foreign countries. Foreign Service, auxiliary: For all necessary expenses to enable the Department of State during the fiscal year 1947 to continue to per- form functions or activities in connection with the Auxiliary Foreign Service for the performance of which, during the fiscal years 1941 and 1942, the Department of State received allocations of funds from the appropriation "Emergency fund for the President" contained in the Military Appropriation Act, 1941, including the objects for which and subject to the conditions under which such allocations were pro- vided or expended during the fiscal years 1941 and 1942, $3,300,000: Provided, That cost of living and representation allowances, as authorized by the Act approved February 23, 1931, as amended, may be paid from this appropriation to American citizens employed hereunder. Contingent expenses, Foreign Service: For stationery; blanks, 450 [60 STAT.