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460 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 541 -JULY 5, 1946 [60 STAT. experts, and notarial fees or like services and stenographic work in taking depositions at such rates of compensation as may be author- ized or approved by the Attorney General or his Administrative Assistant; firearms and ammunition therefor; and purchase of law- books, including exchange thereof; $410,000. Salaries and expenses of district attorneys, and so forth: For sal- aries, travel, and other expenses of United States district attorneys and their regular assistants, clerks, and other employees, including the office expenses of United States district attorneys in Alaska, and for salaries of regularly appointed clerks to United States district attorneys for services rendered during vacancy in the office of the United States district attorney, $4,560,000. Compensation of special attorneys, and so forth: For compensation of special attorneys and assistants to the Attorney General and to United States district attorneys not otherwise provided for employed Foreign consel. by the Attorney General to aid in special matters and cases, and for payment of foreign counsel employed by the Attorney General in special cases, $100,000, no part of which, except for payment of foreign counsel, shall be used to pay the compensation of any persons except attorneys duly licensed and authorized to practice under the laws of Salary limitation. any State, Territory, or the District of Columbia: Provided, That the amount paid as compensation out of the funds herein appropriated to any person employed hereunder shall not exceed $10,000 per Reports to ongress. annum: Providedfurther, That reports be submitted to the Congress on the 1st day of July and January showing the names of the persons employed hereunder, the annual rate of compensation or amount of any fee paid to each, together with a description of their duties: Sappenate aroal of Providedfurther, That no part of this appropriation shall be used 8,225 ormore. for the payment of any person hereafter appointed at a salary of $8,225 or more and paid from this appropriation unless such person is appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. Salaries and expenses of marshals, and so forth: For salaries, fees, and expenses of United States marshals, deputy marshals, and clerical assistants, including services rendered in behalf of the United States Services in Alaska. or otherwise; services in Alaska in collecting evidence for the United States when so specifically directed by the Attorney General; travel- to nsarcofticfaers ing expenses, including the actual and necessary expenses incident to the transfer of prisoners in the custody of United States marshals to narcotic farms; purchase of eight, at not to exceed $2,000 each, and maintenance, repair, and operation of motor-propelled passenger-car - Transportation al- rying station wagons, busses, and vans; $4,642,000: Provided, That lownUes. nited States marshals and their deputies may be allowed, in lieu of actual expenses of transportation not to exceed 4 cents per mile for the use of privately owned automobiles when traveling on official busi- ness within the limits of their official station. Fees of witnesses: For expenses, mileage, and per diems of witnesses and for per diems in lieu of subsistence, such payments to be made on the certification of the attorney for the United States and to be 28u. S . C., Supp. conclusive as provided by section 846, Revised Statutes (28 U. S . C. Authorization by 577), $700,000: Provided, That not to exceed $25,000 of this amount Attorney eneral. shall be available for such compensation and expenses of witnesses or informants as may be authorized or approved by the Attorney Gen- Limitation on at- eral, which approval shall be conclusive: Provided further, That no part of the sum herein appropriated shall be used to pay any witness more than one attendance fee for any one calendar day, which fee shall not exceed $1.50 except in the District of Alaska: Provided FeTeravl expes of further, That whenever an employee of the United States performs travel in order to appear as a witness on behalf of the United States in any case involving the activity in connection with which such per-