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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 543 -JULY 8, 1946 shall prevent construction of a type sufficiently substantial for the use intended nor apply to construction projects now under contract or in progress: Provided further, That no part of such appropriations Maximum obliga- may be used for the construction of quarters, including heating and tits, designated plumbing apparatus, wiring and fixtures, for greater amounts per unit than follow: Permanent construction: For commissioned officer, $10,000. For commissioned warrant or warrant officer, $7,500. For enlisted man, $6,000. Temporary construction: For commissioned officer, $7,500. For commissioned warrant or warrant officer, $5,000. For enlisted man, $3,500. The fixed fee to be paid the contractor as a result of any contract Contractor's fee, re hereafter entered into under this appropriation shall not exceed 4 sa. per centum of the estimated cost of the contract, exclusive of the fee, as determined by the Secretary. BUREAU OF AERONAUTICS AVIATION, NAVY For new construction and procurement of aircraft and equipment, spare parts and accessories, including expansions of and facilities in public or private plants, $310,776,000; for replacement of navigational and radio equipment for aircraft in service, aerological, photographic, and miscellaneous equipment, including repairs thereto, $23,800,000; for maintenance, repair, and operation of aircraft, aircraft factory, air stations, testing laboratories, fleet and all other aviation activities, accident prevention, technical books and periodicals for use in the Bureau of Aeronautics and field, outfits for aviation messes, the pur- chase for aviation purposes only of special clothing, wearing apparel, and special equipment, and for care and operation of a school at one air station for the children of commissioned, enlisted, and civilian personnel of the Navy, $370,558,000; for continuing experiments and development work on all types of aircraft, $100,626,000; in all, $805,760,000, of which amount $310,000,000 shall remain available until expended. Not to exceed $36,000,000 of the funds appropriated for "Aviation, Navy", fiscal year 1944, shall continue available during the fiscal year 1947 for the liquidation of contractual obligations for aircraft and aircraft equipment procurement incurred during the fiscal year 1944. MARINE CORPS PAY, MARINE CORPS Pay of officers: For pay and allowances prescribed by law for all officers on active duty-pay and allowances, $36,825,800, including $4,225,700 for increased pay for making aerial flights, none of which shall be available for increased pay for making aerial flights by non- flying officers or observers at rates in excess of those prescribed by law for the Army, which shall be the legal maximum rates as to such non- flying officers or observers; subsistence allowance, $5,007,550; rental allowance, $6,942,650; in all, $48,776,000; For pay of officers prescribed by law on the retired list, not on active duty, $2,900,000; Pay of enlisted personnel: For pay and allowances of all enlisted personnel and musicians on active duty as prescribed by law; expenses of clerks of the Marine Corps traveling under orders, including not to exceed $2,500 for expenses of attendance upon meetings of technical, Experiments, etc. Liquidation of con- tractual obligations. 57 Stat. 206. Officers on active duty. Officers on retired list. 491