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508 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 544-JULY 9, 1946 RECREATION DEPARTMENT [60 STAT. Operating expenses: For all expenses necessary for operation and maintenance of recreation facilities in and for the District of Colum- bia, including personal services; books of reference, newspapers, and periodicals; and printing and binding; $767,309. Capital outlay: For improvement of various municipal playgrounds and recreation centers, including erection of shelter houses, and preparation of architectural and landscaping plans, $156,700. Acquisition of site. For the acquisition of parcel 101/25, known as the Emery estate, as a site for recreational, library and other community purposes in the discretion of the Commissioners, $204,000. Advances. The disbursing officer of the District of Columbia is authorized to advance to the superintendent of recreation, upon requisitions pre- viously approved by the auditor of the District of Columbia and upon such security as the Commissioners may require of said superintend- ent, sums of money to be used for the expense of conducting its activ- 6stat. 261 . ities under the trust fund created by the Act of April 29, 1942, the D. c. Code, Supp v, 5i8-201 to &-21 . total of such advancements not to exceed $1,000 at any one time. METROPOLITAN POLICE For all expenses necessary for the Metropolitan Police, including pay and allowances and other personal services; the present property clerk with the rank and pay of inspector; the present acting sergeant in charge of police automobiles with the rank and pay of sergeant; the present acting sergeant in charge of the police radio station with the rank and pay of lieutenant; the present private in charge of purchas- ing and accounts with the rank and pay of sergeant; corporals at Technicians. $2,600 per annum each; technicians with additional compensation of $240 per annum each; not to exceed four detectives in the salary grade of captain; meals for prisoners; rewards for fugitives; medals of award; books of reference, periodicals, newspapers, and photographs; printing and binding; rental and maintenance of teletype system; travel expenses incurred in prevention and detection of crime; $3,000 for expenses of attendance, without loss of pay or time, at specialized police training classes and pistol matches, including tuition and entrance fees; $2,500 for expenses of the police training school, includ- ing travel expenses of visiting lecturers or experts in criminology; police equipment and repairs to same; insignia of office, uniforms, and other official equipment, including cleaning, alteration, and repair of articles transferred from one individual to another, or damaged in the performance of duty; purchase, exchange, and maintenance of pas- senger-carrying motor vehicles; expenses of harbor patrol; and the maintenance of a suitable place for the reception and detention of girls and women over seventeen years of age, arrested by the police on charge of offense against any laws in force m the District of Columbia, or held as witnesses or held pending final investigation or examination, tection of cr de - or otherwise; $5,225 000, of which amount $16,000 shall be exclusively available for expenditure by the Superintendent of Police for preven- tion and detection of crime, under his certificate, approved by the Commissioners, and every such certificate shall be deemed a sufficient voucher for the sum therein expressed to have been expended. Mainternatnce of For all expenses necessary to enable the Commissioners of the District of Columbia to maintain public order and protect life and property in said District during the period of public recognition extended to returning military or naval personnel or visiting dig- nitaries, including the cost of removing and relocating streetcar load- ing platforms, ing ng of streets, erection of stands, printing of signs, and operation of temporary comfort stations. $5,000: Provided, That