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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 557-JULY 11, 1946 Benefit chargeabili- ty. 57 Stat. 106. D. C. Code, Supp. V, i 46-303 (c). Ante, p. 527; infra. Contribution rates. Supa., Application for al- lowance. Ante, p. 527 . 57 Stat. 107. D. C. Code, Supp. V, 46-303 (c) (8). Readjustments of experience-rating ac- counts. 57 Stat. 108. D. C. Code, Snpp. , 14 6-303 (c) (10). Contribution Rate Review Committee. for any amounts owed by the employer to the fund at the time of such transfer; but such liability shall be proportioned to the extent of the transfer of business and shall not exceed the value of the assets transferred. "(d) The benefit chargeability of a successor's account under sec- tion 3 (c) if not accrued before the transfer date shall begin to accrue on the transfer date, in case the transferor's benefit chargeability was then accruing; or shall begin to accrue on the date otherwise appli- cable to the successor, or on the date otherwise applicable to the trans- feror, whichever is earlier, in case the transferor's benefit charge- ability was not accruing on the transfer date. Similarly, benefits from a successor's account, if not chargeable before the transfer date shall become chargeable on the transfer date, in case the transfer was then chargeable for the benefit payments; or shall become chargeable on the date otherwise applicable to the successor or on the date other- wise applicable to the transferor, whichever is earlier, in case the transferor was chargeable for the benefit payments on the transfer date. "(e) The account taken over by the successor employer shall remain chargeable with respect to accrued benefit and related rights based on employment in the transferred business, and all such employment shall be deemed employment performed for such employer. "(f) The contribution rates applicable with respect to the accounts of the successor employer and a transferring employer shall be respec- tively determined or redetermined as of the next preceding June 30 computation date, to apply from the date of transfer of business until the close of the current calendar year, and shall thereafter be determined whenever required by section 3 (c), as follows: For the purposes of section 3 (c), the Board shall determine the 'experience under this section' of the successor employer's account and of the transferring employer's account by allocating to the successor employer's account for each period in question the respective pro- portions of the transferring employer's pay roll and the benefits which the Board determines to be properly assignable to the business transferred. "(g) SPECIAL COMBINATIONS OF EXPERIENCE-Any successor em- ployer who has failed to obtain credit for its predecessor's experi- ence, solely because of the provisions of section 3 (c) (7) of the Act prior to its amendment by this Act, may file a written application for such allowance after the effective date of this Act. In the event the Board finds that such employer is entitled to such combination of experience under the provisions of section 3 (c) (7) as amended by this Act, the combination shall be allowed effective for the cal- endar year next succeeding the date of such application." Section 3 (c) (8) is amended by adding at the end thereof the following subsection: "(iii) Except as otherwise provided in this section, whenever through inadvertence or mistake erroneous charges or credits are found to have been made to experience-rating accounts, the same shall be readjusted as of the date of discovery and such readjustment shall not affect any computation or rate assigned prior to the date of dis- covery but shall be used on the next computation date in calculating future contribution rates." Section 3 (c) (10) is amended by inserting, after the words "employer thereof" found at the end of the third sentence of said section, the following additional sentence: "All such hearings shall be held before a Contribution Rate Review Committee composed of three members who shall be employees of the Board and appointed 528 [60 STAT.