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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 578-JULY 16, 1946 Exceptions. Basis of apportion- ment. 54 Stat. 885. §§ 301-318; Supp. V, § 302 et seq. Ante, pp. 181, 341, 342. 55 Stat. 1647 . 50 U. S. C., Supp. V, app., note prec. 1 . Notice to chief exec- utive of State. Shipment. Nonacceptance; re- apportionment. Disposal of residue. Charges payable by U. S. Government. persons who have served or are serving in the Army of the United States from each State bears to the total number of such persons from all States, all war devices and trophies suitable for distribution, with the exception of such trophies as may be required for experimental purposes or for other use by the United States or any department or agency thereof, and the further exception of such trophies as may be required for display in national museums, at national homes for dis- abled members of the armed forces, or for monumental purposes in Arlington National Cemetery and in other national cemeteries, national parks, and national monuments wheresoever situated. SEX. 2. For the purposes of this Act, the reports compiled under the direction of the Secretary of War showing the number of persons in the Army of the United States accredited to each State, Territory, and possession of the United States and to the District of Columbia, either by enlistment or by the process of the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940, or otherwise on active duty with the Army of the United States during the period from 27 May 1941 (the date of the President's proclamation of full national emergency) to the date of this Act, shall serve as the basis for determining the apportionment of war devices and trophies for distribution. SEC. 3. As soon as practicable, the Secretary of War shall cause the chief executive of each of the several States, to be informed of the character and quantity of war devices and trophies apportioned thereto, and shall invite each such chief executive to designate such material as will be accepted free on board common carrier at the point of storage in the continental United States or point of debarkation and to designate the point or points to which the accepted material is to be shipped without expense to the United States, other than that of packing and loading at the point of storage or debarkation. SEC. 4. Shipment of the apportionment of each State shall be made as soon as practicable after the chief executive thereof shall have informed the Secretary of War that such State will accept and take possession thereof as hereinbefore provided, and will relieve the United States of all responsibility for the safe delivery of the material and of all charges, costs, and expenses whatsoever connected with the trans- portation thereof. If the chief executive of any State shall not, within two years from the date on which the notification by the Secretary of War was issued to the chief executives file with the Secretary of War such acceptance and agreement, such apportionment, or any part thereof, or any war devices or trophies then deemed by the Secretary of War to be suitable for distribution whether previously so deemed or not, shall be reapportioned and redistributed to the several States as the Secretary of War shall determine, and any residue not accepted or rejected on or before the expiration of three years from such notifi- cation shall be otherwise disposed of according to law; and those war devices and trophies considered by the Secretary of War as unsuitable for distribution under this Act, may similarly be disposed of according to law. SEC. 5. All charges for apportioning, segregating, packing, and transporting war trophies and devices to points of debarkation or storage in the continental United States and for repacking and load- ing them for distribution to the designated point or points within each of the several States, as provided for herein, and for transpor- tation to national museums, national homes for disabled members of the armed forces, national cemeteries and national parks, and for the disposition of undistributed war devices and trophies shall be paid by the United States Government from an appropriation to be made for that purpose; but no part of such appropriation shall be expended in cleaning, painting, or otherwise reconditioning war devices and trophies prior to shipment. 536 [60 STAT.