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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 583 -JULY 16, 1946 GENERAL STAFF CORPS FIELD EXERCISES Participation by National Guard, etc. 1U.S.C. 529. Post, p. 809. 57 Stat. 372. 31 U. .S., Supp. V, j 215-217 notes, 222a, 222b, 223b, 223c. Ante, p. 332; post, pp. 846, 847 . Reserve and Na- tional Guard officers. Post, p. 623 . 41 Stat.776; 49 Stat. 391. 10U.S . §§ 361, 364, 369; 32U. S. C. § 81c. Repayment of amounts erroneously collected. For expenses required for the conduct of special field exercises, including participation therein by the National Guard and the Organized Reserves, and including pay and travel of temporary employees and officers and enlisted men of the National Guard and the Organized Reserves, not otherwise provided for, allowances for enlisted men for quarters and rations, troop movements and travel of personnel of the Regular Army, in connection with special field exercises, including special combat training for small units, move- ment of mat6riel, maintenance and operation of structures and util- ities, rental of land or purchase of options to rent land without refer- ence to section 3648, Revised Statutes, use or repair of private prop- erty, and any other requisite supplies and services, and for settlement of claims resulting from such exercises, under the provisions of the Act of July 3,1943 (31 U. S . C . 223b), $7,000,000. ARMY WAR COLLEGE For expenses of the Army War College and the National War College, including the purchase of the necessary special stationery; textbooks, books of reference, scientific and professional papers; newspapers and periodicals; maps, police utensils; employment of temporary, technical, or special services, and expenses of special lectures; purchase, repair, and cleaning of uniforms for guards; pay of employees; and for all other necessary expenses not other- wise provided for; $294,600. ADJUTANT GENERAL'S DEPARTMENT COMMAND AND GENERAL STAFF SCHOOL, FORT LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS For the purchase of textbooks, books of reference, scientific and professional papers, instruments, and material for instruction; employment of temporary, technical, special, and clerical services; expenses of special lectures; and for other necessary expenses of instruction, at the Command and General Staff School, Fort Leaven- worth, Kansas; $345,000. FINANCE DEPARTMENT FINANCE SERVICE, ARMY Pay of the Army: For pay and allowances of the Army of the United States, including pay of Reserve officers and officers of the National Guard of the United States ordered to active duty under the provisions of section 37a and the fourth paragraph of section 38 of the National Defense Act, as amended; pay of civilian employees at military headquarters; allowances for quarters for enlisted men on duty where public quarters are not available; interest on soldiers' deposits; payment of life insurance premiums authorized by law; payment of exchange fees and exchange losses incurred by disbursing officers or their agents; repayment of amounts determined by the Secretary of War, or officers designated by him, to have been erro- neously collected from military and civilian personnel in and under the Military Establishment; and losses in the accounts of Army dis- bursing officers in accordance with the Acts of December 13, 1944 [60 STAT. 542