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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 5S3-JULY 16, 1946 employees under the War Department, except the appropriations "Government and relief in occupied areas", "Atomic Service", and "Contingencies of the Army" and the appropriations for Engineer Service, Army, the National Guard, the Organized Reserves, the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, and the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice, and except as may be provided for in the appropriations "Special Field Exercises", "Inter-American Relations, War Department", and "Air Corps, Army": Provided further, That, Attendanceatmee, in addition to the authority contained in section 67, National Defense 39 Stat. 199 . Act of June 3, 1916, as amended, a total of not to exceed $15,000 of the 49 . appropriations available to the War Department chargeable with expenses of travel shall be available for expenses incident to attendance at meetings of technical, professional, scientific, and other similar organizations, when, in the judgment of the Secretary of War, such attendance would be of benefit in the conduct of the work of the War Department: Provided further, That appropriations available for undelso "ei travel of personnel of the Military Establishment or employees under the War Department which are current at the date of relief from duty station of such personnel traveling under orders shall be charged with all expenses properly chargeable to such appropriations in connection with the travel enjoined, including travel of dependents and trans- portation of authorized baggage and household effects of such per- sonnel, regardless of the dates of arrival at destination of the persons so traveling; During the fiscal year 1947 the dependents and household effects u 1 reowl outside of such military and civilian personnel (without regard to rank or Moving of depend- grade) in and under the Military Establishment on duty at stations e outside the continental limits of the United States, or in Alaska, as may be determined upon by the Secretary of War, may, prior or subsequent to the issuance of orders for the relief of such person- nel from their stations, or subsequent to the discharge or release of such military personnel from active military service, be moved (including packing and unpacking of household effects) from such stations outside the continental limits of the United States, or in Alaska, to such locations as may be designated by such personnel, by the use of either Government or commercial means of transportation, and later from such locations to the duty stations to which such per- sonnel may be ordered, and current appropriations of the Military Establishment available for travel and transportation may be used for this purpose, the decision of the Secretary of War to be final as to the dependency of any individual sought to be affected by this provision except as to travel performed subsequent to arrival in the United States: Provided further, That the Secretary of War, in pre- Jorw d of scribing per diem rates of allowance in accordance with law for officers and warrant officers of the Army of the United States travel- ing on official business and away from their designated posts of duty, is hereby authorized to prescribe such per diem rates of allowance, whether or not orders are given to such officers for travel to be per- formed repeatedly between two or more places in the same vicinity, and without regard to the length of time away from their designated nnn posts of duty under such orders, and also the actual and necessary dutynn foreign oun- expenses or per diem in lieu thereof as he may determine and approve tri es . for military and civilian personnel in and under the Military Estab- lishment on special duty in foreign countries; Expenses of courts martial: For expenses of courts martial, courts of inquiry, military commissions, retiring boards, and compensation of reporters and witnesses attending same, contract stenographic reporting services, and expenses of taking depositions and securing other evidence for use before the same, $150,000; 80634°-47-PT . I-35 545