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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 589-JULY 20, 1946 services performed outside the limits of continental United States and properly capitalized expenditures, shall be considered as nonadmin- istrative expenses for the purposes hereof: Provided further, That none of the funds of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation and the subsidiaries thereof shall be used for the custody, maintenance, or dis- posal of any surplus property except such property as may be owned by and held for disposal by the Reconstruction Finance Corporation or its subsidiaries: Providedfurther, That no part of the funds of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation or of any subsidiary thereof shall be used to make any purchase or for personal services or to enter into any contract for the use or benefit of any other agency of the Govern- ment unless such agency shall have authority in law and appropriations available to make reimbursement for such purchase, personal services, or contract: Provided further, That none of the funds of the Recon- struction Finance Corporation and its subsidiaries shall be used for the making of any loan to any State, any subdivision thereof, any municipality therein, or any public authority, for construction pur- poses, unless in pursuance of a specific authorization if such loan would increase the aggregate amount of such loans outstanding above $100,000,000. Federal National Mortgage Association. The RFC Mortgage Company. Rubber Development Corporation. U. S . Commercial Company. War Damage Corporation. NATIONAL HOUSING AGENCY Salaries and expenses, Office of the Administrator and Expediter: In addition to the amounts available by or pursuant to law (which shall be transferred to this authorization) for the administrative expenses of the Office of the Administrator, National Housing Agency, in carrying out duties imposed by or pursuant to law, such amounts, not exceeding $450,000, as the Administrator determines are required for the expenses of the Office of the Administrator in the performance of administrative and supervisory services relating to the constituent units of said Agency shall be transferred, from the funds available for the administrative expenses of such constituent units for the fiscal year 1947, to this authorization for expenditure hereunder, and all such amounts shall be available for all necessary expenses of said Office of the Administrator; periodicals and newspapers (not to exceed $1,000); preparation, mounting, shipping, and installation of exhibits; purchase of sixteen (including one at not to exceed $1,800), mainte- nance, repair, operation, and rental of passenger automobiles tempo- rary employment of persons or organizations, by contract or otherwise, for research work, and for engineering, technical, legal, or other special services, including stenographic reporting services, without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes and the civil-service and classification laws; expenses of attendance at meetings of organizations concerned with the work of the Agency, when specifically authorized by the Administrator; reimbursement for the actual cost of ferry fares and bridge, road, and tunnel tolls; payment of not to exceed 3 cents per mile to employees or others rendering service to the Government for use by them of privately owned automobiles for transportation on official business within the limits of their official stations; and purchase of teletype news services (not to exceed $1,000): Provided, That the Administrator may, with the approval of the President of the United States, transfer to this authorization or to an authorization of a con- stituent unit from funds available for administrative expenses of the 589 Surplus property. Restrictiona. Loans to States, etc. Transfer of funds. Temporary emplw- ment. 41U.S. . Ia. Post, p. 809. Consolidation of functions.