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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 589-JULY 20, 1946 tunnel tolls, and employees engaged in the inspection of property, servicing of loans, or the liquidation of delinquent acounts, may be paid an allowance not to exceed 4 cents per mile for all travel per- formed in privately owned automobiles within the limits of their official posts of duty when such travel is performed in connection with such inspection, servicing, or liquidation; and not to exceed $1,500 for Actuarial services. periodicals and newspapers; not to exceed $1,500 for contract actuarial expNdministrative services: Providedfurther, That all necessary expenses of the Admin- istration (including both services performed on a contract or fee basis, but not including other personal services) in connection with the acquisition, protection, completion, operation, maintenance, improve- ment, or disposition of real or personal property of the Administration 48 stat. 24 , 1247; acquired under authority of titles I, II, and VI of said National Hous- 55 Stat. 55 . 12 Us.S.. 1701- ing Act, shall be considered as nonadministrative expenses for the 1715c; Supp. P, § purposes hereof: Provided further, That, except as herein otherwise 1701b-1715c, 1736-1743. Asnt, pp. 212 et cq., provided, the administrative expenses and other obligations, including 08. nonadministrative expenses, of the Administration shall be incurred, 48 stat. 12. allowed, and paid in accordance with the rovisions of said Act of 12U.S.0. 91701- j 17;upp. 170b June 27, 1934, as amended (12 U.S . C. 1701): Providedfurther That e t -,. 212 d not to exceed $3,000,000 of the funds (after allowance for salaries and 4s. expenses as authorized under the heading, "Salaries and expenses, National Housing Agency, Federal Housing Administration") in the account in the Treasury comprised of premiums collected under author- st48 tt. 1 46

49 ity of section 2 (f), title I, of said Act, shall be available for the

12 U. . C. §§ 1703, payment of losses under insurance granted under section 2 and section 1706a Supp. V, §170. 6, title I, of said Act. Federal Public Housing Authority: Provided,That of the amounts available by or pursuant to law for the administrative expenses of the Federal Public Housing Authority in carrying out duties imposed Mergeroffunds. by or pursuant to law (all of which are hereby merged into a single Corporate program. administrative expense account), not to exceed $18,000,000 shall be available for such expenses (including not to exceed $3,882,400 of the funds available for administrative expenses for the corporate pro- gram), including temporary employment of persons or organizations, by contract or otherwise, for legal or other special services, without poU; p 8M. regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes and the civil-service and classification laws; reimbursement for the actual cost of ferry fares Travelexpenses. and bridge, road, and tunnel tolls; an allowance of not to exceed 3 cents per mile for official travel in privately owned automobiles by employees within the limits of their official stations; reimbursement at not to exceed 5 cents per mile to personnel serving without compen- sation from the United States for expenses of travel performed by them in privately owned automobiles away from their designated post Nonadministrative of duty; and photographing equipment: Provided further, That all necessary expenses of providing representatives of the Authority at the sites of non-Federal projects in connection with the construction of such non-Federal projects by public housing agencies with the aid of the Authority, shall be reimbursed or paid by such agencies, and expenditures by the Authority for such purpose shall be considered nonadministrative expenses, and funds received from such payments or reimbursements may be used only for the payment of all necessary expenses of providing representatives of the Authority at the sites of non-Federal projects or for administrative expenses of the Authority not in excess of the amount authorized by the Congress. Liquidation of resettlement projects: Not to exceed $99,500 of the receipts derived from the operation of the projects transferred under v0 u. 8 .C sunoP paragraphs 1 (g) and 6 of Executive Order 9070of February 24, 1942 (7 F. R. 1529), shall be available for necessary expenses in connection with and to facilitate disposition of the improved or unimproved lands 592 [60 STAT.