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PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 57, 58-MAR . 6 , 1946 grade to which he would have progressed had his original appoint- ment been made to a regular position of grade 1, plus four grades, and the progression shall be computed on the basis of years of sub- Fractional part of stitute service as herein provided. Any fractional part of a year's year. substitute service performed prior to July 1, 1945, and on and after that date, shall be included with regular service in determining eligi- bility for promotion to a higher grade following appointment to a Limitation, regular position: Provided, That no substitute shall be appointed to a higher grade of a regular position than the highest grade to which employees may progress through annual promotions: Provided fur- ther, That upon appointment of a substitute employee to a regular position he shall not be placed in or promoted to a grade higher than the grade to which he would have progressed, including benefits 9 stat. 40. authorized by section 23 of Public Law 134, approved July 6, 1945, v3 8U.. C. , sup. had his original appointment been to a regular position of grade 1: Temporary appoint- And provided further, That employees shall not be allowed credit for ment, et.recn . service performed under temporary or war-service appointments except when such service is continuous to the date of appointment as a classified substitute or regular employee. Separation from SEC. 2 . Employees who have been separated or shall hereafter be ta erydutyfor separated from the field service of the Post Office Department for military duty shall be given credit under the provisions of section 1 of this Act for the periods or terms of substitute service immediately preceding their entry into military service and pro rata credit shall reinstatements. be given for the time engaged in military service. Employees who are reinstated to positions in the field service of the Post Office Depart- ment may be given credit for the periods or terms of continuous sub- stitute and regular service immediately preceding their separation, but they shall not be placed in a grade higher than the grade to which they would have progressed in continuous service. Annu anid sick SEC. 3 . War service indefinite substitute employees in the postal leav e service, under such regulations as the Postmaster General may pre- scribe, shall be entitled to the same rights and benefits with respect to annual and sick leave that accrue to classified substitute employees in proportion to the time employed in a pay status. prary service t SE. 4 . A temporary rural carrier serving a rural route during the vacancy created by the induction of the regular carrier into the armed forces of the United States shall be paid for such service at the same rates per mile per annum and the same rate of fixed compensation that would have been paid to the regular carrier, Sundays and holi- days included except at the beginning or end of the period of employ- ment. Betroaeetlo SEC. 5 . The provisions of this Act shall be retroactive to July 1, 1945. Approved March 6, 1946. [CHAPTER 58] March 6, IM1 AN ACT [H. R .49321 To amend section 9 of the Boulder Canyon Project Act, approved December 21, [Public Law 318] 1928. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Boelder Canyon United States of America in Congress assembled, That section 9 of ment. the Boulder Canyon Project Act (45 Stat. 1057, 1063; 43 U. S . C ., sec. 617h) is amended to read as follows: drswnbeads puibi "All lands of the United States found by the Secretary of the Inte- entry. rior to be practicable of irrigation and reclamation by the irrigation works authorized herein shall be withdrawn from public entry. Thereafter, at the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, such 36 [60 STAT.