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PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 596-JULY 24,1946 previously submitted by the Chief of Engineers, United States A rmy, in conformity with existing law. rof-Cad. 3. That hereafter for authorized flood-protection projects which include alterations of railroad bridges the Chief of Engineers is authorized to include at Federal expense the necessary alterations of railroad bridges and approaches in connection therewith. SEC. 4 . That section 4 of the Act approved December 22, 1944 (Pub- a8stat. 8s. lic, Numbered 534, Seventy-eighth Congress), is amended to read as 18 U. 5. C., Sunpp. follows: V, 4iMd. follows: Recreational fad- "The Chief of Engineers, under the supervision of the Secretary tesireservoir of War, is authorized to construct, maintain, and operate public park and recreational facilities in reservoir areas under the control of the War Department, and to permit the construction, maintenance, and Leases, operation of such facilities. The Secretary of War is authorized to grant leases of lands, including structures or facilities thereon, in reservoir areas for such periods and upon such terms as he may deem Nonprofit aganiza reasonable: Provided, That leases to nonprofit organizations may be granted at reduced or nominal rentals in recognition of the public service to be rendered in utilizing the leased premises: Provided Preference m rat- further, That preference shall be given to Federal, State, or local ingofllenses. F governmental agencies, and licenses may be granted without monetary considerations, to such agencies for the use of all or any portion of a reservoir area, when the Secretary of War determines such action to be in the public interest, and for such periods of time and upon Pnbli use of water such conditions as he may find advisable. The water areas of all such reservoirs shall be open to public use generally, without charge, for boating, swimming, bathing, fishing, and other recreational purposes, and ready access to and exit from such water areas along the shores of such reservoirs shall be maintained for general public use, when such use is determined by the Secretary of War not to be contrary to the public interest, all under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of War may deem necessary. No use of any area to which this section applies shall be permitted which is inconsistent with the laws for the protection of fish and game of the State in which such area is situated. All moneys received for leases or privileges shall be deposited in the Treasury of the United States as miscellaneous receipts." SEC. 5. That section 7 of the Act approved August 18, 1941 (Public 5stat. 50s. Numbered 228, Seventy-seventh Congress), is hereby amended to read 3a U. S. C., Supp. v, i 70o-a. as follows: Receipts rom land "That 75 per centum of all moneys received and deposited in the Payments to tates. Treasury of the United States during any fiscal year on account of the leasing of lands acquired by the United States for flood-control purposes shall be paid at the end of such year by the Secretary of the Treasury to the State in which such property is situated to be expended as the State legislature may prescribe for the benefit of public schools and public roads of the county, or counties, in which Apportionent. such property is situated: Provided,That when such property is situ- ated in more than one State or county, the distributive share to each from the proceeds of such property shall be proportional to its area therein." coofailities. SEC. 6. That the Chief of Engineers is authorized to provide such school facilities as he may deem necessary for the education of depend- ents of persons engaged on the construction of the projects listed below, and to pay for the same from any funds available for said ooerative opea- projects: Provded, That when it is determined to be in the public interest, the Chief of Engineers may enter into cooperative arrange- ments with local agencies for the operation of such Government facilities; for the expansion of local facilities at Federal expense, and for contribution by the Federal Government to cover the 642 [60 STAT.