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666 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 671-JULY 25, 1946 [60 STAT. Recommendations "(2) (A) Whenever the Secretary of Agriculture determines that by Secretary of Agri- culture. maximum prices applicable to any agricultural commodity which is maimnum prices. in short supply are impeding the necessary production of such com- modity, he may recommend to the Price Administrator such adjust- ments in such maximum prices as the Secretary determines to be necessary to attain the necessary production of such commodity. Remiva of mai- "(B) The Secretary of Agriculture by December 31, 1946, shall recommend to the Price Administrator the removal of maximum prices on all agricultural commodities, whether or not in short supply, not important in relation to business costs or living costs, and prior to that date shall make such recommendations as rapidly as, in his judgment, will be consistent with the avoidance of a cumulative and dangerous unstabilizing effect. Adjustment, etc., "(C) Within ten days after the receipt of any recommendation to r. under this subsection for the adjustment of maximum prices appli- cable to any agricultural commodity, or for the removal of maximum prices on agricultural commodities not important in relation to busi- ness costs or living costs, the Price Administrator shall adjust or remove such maximum prices in accordance with such recommen- dations. mt mlsent of "'(3) WVhenever the Secretary of Agriculture determines that an agricultural commodity with respect to which maximum prices have been removed is in short supply and that the reestablishment of maximum prices with respect thereto is necessary to effectuate the purposes of this Act, the Secretary, with the written consent of the Price Decontrol Board, may recommend to the Administrator, and the Administrator shall establish, such maximum prices with respect to such commodity, consistent with applicable provisions of law, as in the judgment of the Secretary are necessary to effectuate the purposes of this Act. "(4) For the purposes of this section (except subparagraph (6) of this subsection (d))- "S hort supply. " "(A) an agricultural commodity shall be deemed to be in short supply unless the supply of such commodity equals or exceeds the requirements for such commodity for the current marketing season; " Agricultural oom. "(B) the term 'agricultural commodity' shall be deemed to mean any agricultural commodity and any food or feed product processed or manufactured in whole or substantial part from any agricultural commodity; 8Stat.d635. 44(C) the term 'subsidy' means any subsidy or purchase and vp U. S. Ce., upp. sale operations described in the last paragraph of section 2 (e) V, app. I 902 (C). Ante, pp. 57, 214; of this Act. PsEtPreiseloff ctins "(5) Notwithstanding any other provision of this or any other law, byeretary of Agri- except as provided in subsection (h), the Secretary of Agriculture, in exercising his functions under this Act, shall not be subject to the direction or control of any other appointive officer or agency in the executive branch of the Government, and no such officer or agency shall undertake to exercise any direction or control over the Secretary of Agriculture with respect to the exercise of such functions. The Secretary of Agriculture may at any time withdraw his approval of any action with respect to which his approval is required under this Act, and upon the withdrawal of his approval such action shall be rescinded. Applicability of ? mai maximum prices, etc. (6) No maximum price and no regulation or order under this Act oSat Sp. or the Stabilization Act of 1942, as amended, shall be applicable with 50 U. S. C., Supp. V, app. §§ 961-64 , respect to any agricultural commodity, or any service rendered with Ante, p . 664; pot, respect to any agricultural commodity, unless a regulation or order p on. establishing a maximum price with respect to such commodity had been issued under this Act prior to April 1, 1946.