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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 671-JULY 25, 1946 Hearing. Order specifying ex- tent of removal of maximum prices. Ante, p. 665. Filing of petition, restriction. Service of Board members. 35 Stat. 1107, 1109; 58 Stat. 668 . 18 U. S. C., Supp. V, 198 note; 41 U. S. C., Supp. V, § 119. Hearing commis- sioners. 56 Stat. 24. 50 U. S. C., Supp. V, app. § 902 (a). Appointment of re- gional industry advi- sory committee. Administrator or the Secretary, as the case may be, who shall within such time as may be fixed by the Board certify and file with the Board a transcript of such portions of the proceedings in connection with the petition under subsection (g) as are material. Such transcript shall include a statement in writing of the Administrator's or Secre- tary's reasons for believing that maximum prices on the commodity involved should not be removed, together with a statement of any economic data or other facts of which he has taken official notice. At the earliest practicable time the Board shall conduct a hearing upon the petition, at which the Administrator or the Secretary, as the case may be, and the committee shall be given an opportunity to present their views and argument orally or in writing. If application is made to the Board by either party for leave to introduce additional evidence, the Board may permit such evidence to be introduced or filed with it if it deems it material and determines that such evidence could not reasonably have been offered or included in the proceedings under subsection (g). At the earliest practicable time after the hearing on any petition, the Board shall make and issue an order specifying the extent, if any, to which maximum prices on the commodity involved shall be removed. The Board shall order the removal of such maxi- imum prices if and to the extent that in its judgment the standards of decontrol stated in subsection (d) or (e) have been satisfied with respect to the commodity involved. The Administrator shall remove maximum prices with respect to the commodity in question within such time and to such extent as shall be specified in the order of the Board. Orders of the Board shall not be subject to modification or review by any other department or agency or by any court. "(4) No petition may be filed with the Board with respect to any commodity within a period of three months after the issuance of an order of the Board with respect to the same commodity. "(5) The members of the Board may serve as such without regard to the provisions of sections 109 and 113 of the Criminal Code (18 U. S. C., sees. 198 and 203) or section 19 (e) of the Contract Settle- ment Act of 1944, except insofar as such sections may prohibit any such member from receiving compensation in respect of any par- ticular matter which is within the jurisdiction of the Board. "(6) If the number of petitions filed with the Board should at any time become so great as to prevent the Board from promptly con- ducting hearings upon such petitions, the Board shalfappoint such hearing commissioners as it deems necessary in order to expedite the transaction of its business. The Board may authorize one or more of the hearing commissioners so appointed to conduct the hearing upon any petition under this subsection and to exercise the authority of the Board with respect to such hearing. After a hearing con- ducted before a hearing commissioner, the commissioner shall make recommendations consistent with this subsection to the Board con- cerning its action with respect to the petition. If the Board approves such recommendations, it shall issue an order in conformity therewith. If the Board does not approve such recommendations, the Board may issue such order as it deems proper upon the record or may conduct a new hearing upon the petition before the Board." SEc. 4 . Section 2 (a) of the Emergency Price Control Act of 1942, as amended, is amended by adding at the end thereof the following new sentence: "In administering the provisions of this subsection relating to the establishment of industry advisory committees, the Administrator, upon the request of a substantial portion of the indus- try in any region, shall promptly appoint a regional industry advisory committee for such region." 670 [60 STAT.