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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 671-JULY 25,1946 1941 inclusive, as the result of the operation of any governmental regulation or restriction, the Administrator shall not in establishing maximum prices under this section reduce established wholesale trade discounts or normal wholesale mark-ups for any such commodity pre- vailing on March 2, 1942, before the wholesale unit sales of such com- modity for a period of six months shall have reached the average annual wholesale unit sales thereof for the calendar years 1939 to 1941, inclusive. Manufactured, etc. , " (s) No maximum price regulation or order shall require the reduc- Reduction of peace- tion of the established peacetime discounts or mark-ups for the sale of restriction.t' etc any manufactured or processed commodity (treating as a single com- modity for the purposes of this paragraph all commodities in a line of related commodities which, for the purpose of establishing manu- facturers' and processors' maximum prices, have been placed by the Office of Price Administration under a single regulation) if the retail, wholesale, or other distributive trade selling such commodity shows that the commodity constituted approximately one-half or more of the gross sales income of a majority of the persons engaged in such trade in 1945 and that, in the first quarter of 1946, the deliveries of such commodity to such distributive trade were less than 100 per centum of the deliveries thereof in the corresponding quarter of 1945. distributors. "(t) In establishing maximum prices applicable to wholesale or retail distributors, the Administrator shall allow the average current cost of acquisition of any commodity, plus such average percentage discount or mark-up as was in effect on March 31, 1946. usedto reduce'eost o "(u) After the date upon which this subsection takes effect, no production, etc. maximum price shall be established or maintained, under this Act or under any other provision of law, with respect to any new commodity when the Administrator upon application finds that its use, in the pro- duction, manufacturing, or processing of any commodity or com- modities, without increasing the cost to the ultimate user, either increases the life or reduces the cost of production, manufacture, or processing of the commodity or commodities produced, manufactured Definition or processed. As used in this subsection the term 'new commodity' means a commodity which was not commercially or industrially avail- able prior to January 30, 1942. lumber. l (V) In the case of softwood logs and lumber, the maximum prices shall be established at a level which will permit producers of at least 90 per centum of the production of softwood logs and lumber to recover their current costs of production. cotton fabrics. "(w) In establishing maximum prices for sales of finished woven or knitted fabrics made primarily of cotton fiber or for the sales of apparel made therefrom it shall be unlawful for the Administrator to establish or maintain differentials in the method of determining the basic grey-goods cost or the finished-woven-fabrics or finished- knitted-fabrics cost to which a mark-up is to be applied based on the Removal oprmi- degree of integration of the seller. mum purchase prises (x) Whenever the world price of a commodity essential to the fporms et"nt i iru- economy of the United States (average price at which such commodity could be purchased when landed duty paid at any United States port of entry) exceeds the maximum purchase price established by the Administrator, and results in- "(1) an actual reduction of the importation of such commodity into the United States in an amount substantial in relation to the total consumption of the commodity in the United States; or "(2) the substantial curtailment or restriction of the domestic trade in such commodity or products processed directly there- from, the Administrator shall, in order to maintain and increase domestic 674 [60 STAT.