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79TH CONG. , 2 D SESS. -CH. 672-JULY 26, 1946 such State, in the positions occupied by them under the Federal service or in reasonably comparable positions, except that indi- viduals so transferred may be separated or terminated for good cause as determined in individual cases under the applicable State merit system, or separated or terminated under the applicable State merit system by reason of reductions in force found nec- essary in the interests of efficient operations, and may be separated (A) if they have failed to acquire eligibility to be certified for appointment superior to that of any war veteran competing for the same appointment in the State-wide system of public employment offices under the State merit system in the positions occupied by them under the Federal service or in reason- ably comparable positions, after having been given a reasonable opportunity to acquire such eligibility, or (B) if the Secretary has determined that it is impossible for them to be given an oppor- tunity to acquire such eligibility because of State constitutional or statutory provisions in force on the effective date of this Act; and (b) has made provision for the extension to employees of the Federal Government who left employment-service positions in such State in order to perform training and service in the land or naval forces of the United States or service in the merchant marine as defined in Public Law Numbered 87, Seventy-eighth Congress, of the same employment rights and privileges as those provided for Federal employees transferring to State employment in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph; or (2) has requested the detail of such employees to the State agency under the following provisions: So much of the funds appropriated for State-wide systems of public employment offices as may be necessary shall be available to the Secretary of Labor, in lieu of any portion of the grant to the State, for the payment of compensation (under the salary scales applicable to such employees prior to the effective date of this Act) to employees of the United States Employment Service in the Department of Labor, who, upon the request of the State, and for the purpose of permitting continuity in their employment pending an oppor- tunity to acquire eligibility for State employment in accordance with clause (1) (a) of this paragraph, may be detailed by the Secretary of Labor to the State agency for service in the State- wide system of public employment offices. Notwithstanding any other provisions of the Civil Service Retire- ment Act approved May 29, 1930, as amended, any person who was appointed to a position in the Social Security Board under Executive Order 8990 of December 23, 1941, and who shall have returned to employment with the State at any time prior to the end of one year after the return to State operation of the employment offices in such State, shall, if he so elects, be paid a refund of the total amount of his deductions and deposits under said Act, together with interest to the date of termination of his service with the Federal Government; and such person shall not receive any annuity benefits under said Act based on the service covered by the refund unless he is subsequently rein- stated, retransferred, or reappointed to a position coming within the purview of said Act and redeposits all moneys, except voluntary con- tributions, so refunded to him, together with interest at 4 per centum compounded on December 31 of each year, except that interest shall not be required covering any period of separation from the service. In carrying out the provisions under this heading, the Secretary shall assure that each State agency operates under such methods of administration relating to the establishment and maintenance of per- sonnel standards on a merit basis, as are found by the Secretary to be 57 Stat. 162. 50U. . C., Snpp.V, app. §§ 1471-1475. Post, pp. 905 945. Detail of Federal employees to State agency. Refund of deduo tions, etc. 46 Stat. 468. 5U.S.C. 8 691 d leq; Supp. V, I 691 et seq. Ante, pp . 339, 68, 659; post, pp. 70, 706, 850,939. 3CFR,Cum. Bupp., p. 1051 . Annuity benefits. Metbodsofadmini- tration. 60 STAT.]