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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 672-JULY 26, 1946 Post, p. 692 . Amountschargeable to D. C., etc. Salary restriction. binding; contract stenographic reporting services; books of refer- ence; reprints and periodicals; $292,000: Provided That expendi- tures hereunder shall not exceed the aggregate of fees covered into the Treasury under said Act. General administration: For general administration, including per- sonal services in the District of Columbia, $123,500. FREEDMEN'S HOSPITAL Salaries and expenses: For all expenses necessary for the operation and maintenance of Freedmen's Hospital, including repairs to build- ings; travel; operation and maintenance of passenger automobiles, including purchase of one ambulance; purchase of cotton or duck suits for the use of interns, and cotton or duck uniforms or aprons for cooks, maids, and attendants, and laundering thereof; for expenses of attendance at meetings of a technical nature, pertaining to hospital administration and medical advancement, when authorized by the Federal Security Administrator; not to exceed $250 for the purchase of books, periodicals, and newspapers; not to exceed $2,000 for the special instruction of student nurses; $921,000, of which $25,000 shall be transferred to the Federal Works Agency for repairs, alterations, and improvements to the buildings and grounds of the hospital, and $2,750 shall be transferred to the appropriation "Salaries and miscel- laneous expenses, Public Health Service", for the procurement of stationery and supplies: Provided, That hereafter the amounts to be charged the District of Columbia and other establishments of the Government for the treatment of patients for which they are respon- sible shall be calculated on the basis of a per diem rate approved by the President: Providedfurther, That no intern or resident physician receiving compensation from this appropriation on a full-time basis shall receive compensation in the form of wages or salary from any other appropriation in this Act. HOWARD UNIVERSITY Salaries: For payment in full or in part of the salaries of the officers, professors, teachers, and other regular employees of the uni- versity, the balance to be paid from privately contributed funds, $941,700. Expenses, Howard University: For necessary expenses, including equipment, supplies, apparatus, furniture, cases and shelving, sta- tionery, ice, repairs to buildings and grounds, $258,830. Construction of buildings: For the construction, under the super- vision of the Public Buildings Administration, of an engineering building and women's dormitory units, together with alterations and installations in connection with this construction, including engi- neering and architectural services, printing, and travel, to remain available until expended, $1,377,920. OFFICE OF EDUCATION Further development of vocational education: For carrying out the 49 Stat. 1488 . provisions of sections 1, 2, and 3 of the Act approved June 8, 1936 Po P. 775 (20 U. S . C . 15h-j), $14,200,000: Provided, That the apportionment to the States shall be computed on the basis of not to exceed $14,483,000 for the fiscal year 1947, as authorized by the Act approved June 8, 1936. 192Stati. For extending to the Territory of Hawaii the benefits of the Act 20u.s.c. sn1-15, approved February 23, 1917 (20 U. S. C . 11 -18), in accordance with 43 Stat. 18 . the provisions of the Act approved March 10, 1924 (20 U. S . C . 29), $30,000. 688 [60 STAT.