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79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 700-JULY 30,1946 of Representatives or officer of the United States who is designated under this section as a representative of the United States or as an alternate to attend any specified session or specified sessions of the General Conference shall be entitled to receive such compensation. Whenever a representative of the United States is elected by the General Conference to serve on the Executive Board, or is elected President of the General Conference and thus becomes an ex officio adviser to the Executive Board, under provision of article V of the constitution of the Organization, the President may extend the above provisions for compensation to such representative during periods of service in connection with the Executive Board. SEC. 3. In fulfillment of article VII of the constitution of the Organization, the Secretary of State shall cause to be organized a National Commission on Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Cor- poration of not to exceed one hundred members. Such Commission shall be appointed by the Secretary of State and shall consist of (a) not more than sixty representatives of principal national, voluntary organizations interested in educational, scientific, and cultural mat- ters; and (b) not more than forty outstanding persons selected by the Secretary of State, including not more than ten persons holding office under or employed by the Government of the United States, not more than fifteen representatives of the educational, scientific, and cultural interests of State and local governments, and not more than fifteen persons chosen at large. The Secretary of State is authorized to name in the first instance fifty of the principal national voluntary organi- zations, each of which shall be invited to designate one representative for appointment to the National Commission. Thereafter, the National Commission shall periodically review and, if deemed advis- able, revise the list of such organizations designating representatives in order to achieve a desirable rotation among organizations repre- sented. To constitute the initial Commission, one-third of the mem- bers shall be appointed to serve for a term of one year, one-third for a term of two years, and one-third or the remainder thereof for a term of three years; from thence on following, all members shall be appointed for a term of three years each, but no member shall serve more than two consecutive terms. The National Commission shall meet at least once annually. The National Commission shall desig- nate from among its members an executive committee, and may des- ignate such other committees as may prove necessary, to consult with the Department of State and to perform such other functions as the National Commission shall delegate to them. No member of the National Commission shall be allowed any salary or other compen- sation for services: Provided however, That he may be paid his actual transportation expenses, and not to exceed $10 per diem in lieu of subsistence and other expenses, while away from his home in attend- ance upon authorized meetings or in consultation on request with the Department of State. The Department of State is authorized to provide the necessary secretariat for the Commission. SEC. 4. That each such member of the National Commission must be an American citizen. SEC. 5. The National Commission shall call general conferences for the discussion of matters relating to the activities of the Organization, to which conferences organized bodies actively interested in such mat- ters shall be invited to send representatives: Provided, however, That the travel and maintenance of such representation shall be without expense to the Government. Such general conferences shall be held annually or biennially, as the National Commission may determine, and in such places as it may designate. They shall be attended so far as possible by the members of the National Commission and by the delegates of the United States to the General Conference of the National Commis- sion. Appointment; rep- resentatives. National voluntary organizations. Review, etc., of list Terms of members. Executive commit- tee. Compensation. Expenses. Secretariat. Citizenship. Oeneral conferences. Travel and main- tenance of representa- tion. 713 60 STAT.]