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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG., 2D SESS.-CH. 709-JULY 31, 1946 evidence inconsistent with a certified report and the application involved is still in course of adjudication or otherwise open for such evidence, such recertification of such report shall be made as, in the judgment of the Board or the Federal Security Administrator, whichever made the original certification, the evidence warrants. Such recertification and any subsequent recertification shall be treated in the same manner and be subject to the same conditions as an original certification. "(1) DEFINITIONS.- For the purposes of this section the term 'employee' includes an individual who will have been an 'employee', and- "(1) The qualifications for 'widow', 'child', and 'parent' shall be, except for the purposes of subsection (f), those set forth in section 209 (j) and (k), and section 202 (f) (3) of the Social Security Act, respectively; and in addition- "(i) a 'widow' shall have been living with her husband employee at the time of his death; "(ii) a 'child' shall have been dependent upon its parent employee at the time of his death; shall not be adopted after such death; shall be unmarried; and less than eighteen years of age; and "(iii) a 'parent' shall have been wholly dependent upon and supported at the time of his death by the employee to whom the relationship of 'parent' is claimed; and shall have filed proof of such dependency and support within two years after such date of death, or within six months after January 1, 1947. A 'widow' or a 'child' shall be deemed to have been so living with a husband or so dependent upon a parent if the conditions set forth in section 209 (n) or section 202 (c) (3) or (4) of the Social Security Act, respectively, are fulfilled. In determining whether an applicant is the wife, widow, child, or parent of an employee as claimed, the rules set forth in section 209 (m) of the Social Security Act shall be applied; "(2) The term 'retirement annuity' shall mean an annuity under section 2 awarded before or after its amendment but not including an annuity to a survivor pursuant to an election of a joint and survivor annuity; and the term 'pension' shall mean a pension under section 6; "(3) The term 'quarter of coverage' shall mean a compensation quarter of coverage or a wage quarter of coverage, and the term 'quarters of coverage' shall mean compensation quarters of coverage, or wage quarters of coverage, or both: Provided, That there shall be for a single employee no more than four quarters of coverage for a single calendar year; "(4) The term 'compensation quarter of coverage' shall mean any quarter of coverage computed with respect to compensation paid to an employee after 1936 in accordance with the following table: Total compensation paid in the calendar year Months of service in a calendar year than 0 but 0 but Less $50 but $100 but $110 but less than less than less than $100 $150 $200 more 1-3 ---- -- ---........... 0 1 1 1 1 4-6.--------.--------------............ . 0 1 2 2 2 7-9 0 1 2 3 10-12 .. ----.


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