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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2 D SESS.-CH. 709-JULY 31, 1946 otherwise payable under this subsection. Benefits shall not be paid for more than eighty-four days of sickness in a maternity period prior to the birth of the child. Qualification for and rate of benefits for days of sickness in a maternity period shall not be affected by the expiration of the benefit year in which the maternity period will have begun unless in such benefit year the employee will not have been a qualified employee. "In computing benefits to be paid, days of unemployment shall not be combined with days of sickness in the same registration period." SEC. 306. Subsection 2 (c) is amended by substituting for "one hundred" at the end thereof the following: "one hundred and thirty, and the maximum number of days of sickness, other than days of sick- ness in a maternity period, within a benefit year for which benefits may be paid to an employee shall be one hundred and thirty". SEC. 307. Subsection 2 (f) is amended by inserting after the word "unemployment" each time it appears the words "or sickness". SEC. 308 . Section 3 is amended by changing the phrase "there was payable to him compensation of" to "his compensation will have been". SEc. 309. (a) Section 4 (a) is amended by redesignating it section 4 (a-1), by including therein only paragraphs (iv) to (vii), inclusive, by redesignating said paragraphs as (i) through (iv), by inserting after the phrase "day of unemployment," in the first clause thereof the phrase "or as a day of sickness,", and by changing the semicolon at the end thereof to a period. (b) Section 4 (a-1) is further amended by changing paragraph (ii) thereof to read as follows: "(ii) any day in any period with respect to which the Board finds that he is receiving or will have received annuity payments or pensions under the Railroad Retirement Act of 1935 or the Railroad Retirement Act of 1937, or insurance benefits under title II of the Social Security Act, or unemployment, maternity, or sickness benefits under an unemployment, maternity, or sickness compensation law of any State or of the United States other than this Act, or any other social-insurance payments under a law of any State or of the United States: Provided, That if an employee receives or is held entitled to receive any such payments, other than unemployment, maternity or sickness payments, with respect to any period which include days of unemployment or sickness in a registration period, after benefits under this Act for such registration period will have been paid, the amount by which such benefits under this Act will have been increased by including such days as days of unemployment or as days of sickness shall be recoverable by the Board: Provided further, That, if that part of any such payment or payments, other than unemployment, maternity, or sickness payments, which is apportionable to such days of unemployment or days of sickness is less in amount than the benefits under this Act which, but for this paragraph, would be payable and not recoverable with respect to such days of unem- ployment or days of sickness, the preceding provisions of this paragraph shall not apply but such benefits under this Act for such days of unemployment or days of sickness shall be diminished or recoverable in the amount of such part of such other payment or payments ;". (c) Section 4 is further amended by inserting after subsection (a-1) a subsection to be designated (a- 2 ), in the following language: There shall not be considered as a day of unemployment, with respect to any employee- ", by including in subsection (a-2) paragraphs (i), (ii), (iii), and (viii) of subsection 4 (a) as it existed prior to its amendment by this Act, and by redesignating said paragraph (viii) as paragraph (iv). 80634--47-PT. -- 47 737 64 Stat. 1096. 45U.S.C. 352(c). 54 Stat. 1096. 45 U.S. . § 352 (f). 52 Stat. 1097. 45U.S. C. 9353. 62 Stat. 1097. 45U.S.C. 354(a). Infra. Receiving annuity payments. 49 Stat. 967; 60 Stat. 307; 49 Stat. 622 . 45U.S.C.§1216- 228r; Supp. V, § 215 etseq.;42U.S.C. §§ 401-410a; Supp. V, 9 401 et seq. Ante, p. 722 et seq.; post, p. 979 et seq. Supra.