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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 709-JULY 31, 1946 "(o) Benefits payable to an employee with respect to days of sick- ness shall be payable regardless of the liability of any person to pay damages for such infirmity. The Board shall be entitled to reim- bursement from any sum or damages paid or payable to such employee or other person through suit, compromise, settlement, judgment, or otherwise on account of any liability (other than a liability under a health, sickness, accident, or similar insurance policy) based upon such infirmity, to the extent that it will have paid or will pay benefits for days of sickness resulting from such infirmity. Upon notice to the person against whom such right or claim exists or is asserted, the Board shall have a lien upon such right or claim, any judgment obtained thereunder, and any sum or damages paid under such right or claim, to the extent of the amount to which the Board is entitled by way of reimbursement. "(p) The Board may, after hearing, disqualify any person from executing statements of sickness who, the Board finds, (i) will have solicited, or will have employed another to solicit, for himself or for another the execution of any such statement, or (ii) will have made false or misleading statements to the Board, to any employer, or to any employee, in connection with the awarding of any benefits under this Act, or (iii) will have failed to submit medical reports and records required by the Board under this Act, or will have failed to submit any other reports, records, or information required by the Board in connection with the administration of this Act or any other Act here- tofore or hereafter administered by the Board, or (iv) will have engaged in any malpractice or other professional misconduct. No fees or charges of any kind shall accrue to any such person from the Board after his disqualification. " (q) The Board shall engage in and conduct research projects, inves- tigations, and studies with respect to the cause, care, and prevention of, and benefits for, accidents and disabilities and other subjects deemed by the Board to be related thereto, and shall recommend legislation deemed advisable in the light of such research projects, investigations, and studies." SEC. 324. Subsection 13 (b) is amended by inserting after "1939," in the first, second, and third sentences thereof, "and for the payment of sickness and maternity benefits for sickness or for maternity periods after June 30, 1947,", "or to sickness or maternity benefits under a sickness or maternity law of any State with respect to sickness or to maternity periods occurring after June 30, 1947,", and "or of State sickness or maternity laws after June 30, 1947", respectively. DIVISION IV SEC. 401. Except as otherwise provided in this Act, the provisions thereof shall become effective upon approval. SEC. 402. Section 306 shall become effective on July 1, 1946, and sections 203, 205, 206, 207, 210, 211, 213, and 318 shall become effective on January 1,1947. The amendments to section 1532 of the Internal Revenue Code made by sections 1 and 3 (e) and (f) shall be effective only with respect to services rendered after December 31, 1946. The amend- ments made by section 3 (a), (b), (c), and (d) shall take effect January 1, 1947. Sections 1500, 1510, and 1520 of the Internal Revenue Code as in effect on December 31, 1946, shall remain in full force and effect on and after January 1, 1947, with respect to any remuneration which constitutes compensation under the law as in effect on December 31, 1946, to which such sections as amended by this Act are not applicable. 741 Payment of bene- fits for days of sick- ness. Reimbursement from damages paid, et. Disqualification from executing state- ments of sickness. Research, etc., by Board. 62 Stat. 1110. 45U.S.C. I 3 (). Effective dates. Ante, pp. 737, 726- 729, 739. AnUe, pp. 722 . 721 725.