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79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 725-AUG. 1 , 1946 " AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS FOR SALARY AND EXPENSES OF STATE DIRECTORS "SEC. 6. Funds appropriated under authority of section 3 shall be available, on a prorated basis determined by the State board, for the salary and necessary travel expenses of a State director of voca- tional education selected by the State board, in accordance with the requirements of the State plan, on the basis of his technical and pro- fessional qualifications including experience in vocational education. "APPLICABILITY OF SMITH-HUGHES VOCATIONAL EDUCATION ACT "SEC. 7. The appropriations made under authority of this Act shall be in addition to, and shall be subject to the same conditions and limitations as, the appropriations made to carry out the Smith-Hughes Vocational Education Act; except that (1) the appropriations made under authority of this Act for home economics shall be subject to the conditions and limitations applicable to the appropriation for agri- cultural purposes under the Smith-Hughes Vocational Education Act, with the exception of that part of section 10 thereof which requires directed or supervised practice for at least six months per year; (2) such moneys as are provided under authority of this Act for trade and industrial subjects, and public and other service occupations, may be expended for part-time classes operated for less than one hundred and forty-four hours per year; (3) the provisions of section 11 of the Smith-Hughes Vocational Education Act, requiring at least one-third of the sum appropriated to any State to be expended for part-time schools or classes shall be held to include any part-time day-school classes for workers sixteen years of age and over, and evening-school classes for workers sixteen years of age and over; (4) the appropria- tions made by this Act for distributive occupational subjects shall be limited to part-time and evening schools as provided in the Smith- Hughes Vocational Education Act, for trade, home economics, and industrial subjects and is qualified by the provisions of this section; (5) preemployment schools and classes organized for persons over eighteen years of age or who have left the full-time school may be oper- ated for less than nine months per year and less than thirty hours per week and without the requirement that a minimum of 50 per centum of the time must be given to shop work on a useful or productive basis; and (6) the appropriations available under section 9 of this Act shall be available for expenses of attendance at meetings of educa- tional associations and other organizations and for expenses of con- ferees called to meet in the District of Columbia or elsewhere, which, in the opinion of the Commissioner, are necessary for the efficient discharge of the provisions of this Act. "RESTRICTIONS AND CONDITIONS "SEC. 8. (a) No part of the appropriations made under authority of this Act shall be expended in industrial-plant training programs, except such industrial-plant training be bona fide vocational training, and not a device to utilize the services of vocational trainees for private profit. "(b) After June 30, 1951; not more than 10 per centum of the amount appropriated for each of the purposes specified in section 3 (a) shall be used for the purchase or acquisition of equipment. "APPROPRIATIONS FOR OFFICE OF EDUCATION "SEC. 9. For the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act there is hereby authorized to be appropriated to the Office of Educa- tion, Federal Security Agency, for vocational education, for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1937, and annually thereafter the sum of 777 39 Stat. 929. 20 U. . C.C. 11-15, 16-28. Home economics. 39 Stat. 934. 20U.S. C.§ 20. Trade and indus- trial subjects. Part-time schools. 39 Stat. 934. 20U.S.C. 21. Distributive occu- pational subjects. Preemployment schools. A ttendance at meet- lngs. 39 Stat. 933. 20U.8.C. 19. Industrial-plant traintnl. Acquisition of equipment. Appropriation anthorized. 60 STAT.]