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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 727-AUG. 1, 1946 35 Stat. 1097, 1107, 1109. 18 U. S. C., Supp. V, § 198 note. 58 Stat. 668. 41 U. S. C., Supp. V, 119. Appropriation au- thorized. Availability of funds Contracts for serv- ce, etc. oat, p. 809. Pot, p. 809. Transfer of func- tions and property. 41, 109, and 113 of the Criminal Code (U. S . C., title 18, sees. 93, 198, and 203); in Revised Statutes, section 190 (U. S . C., title 5, sec. 99) ; in section 19 (e) of the Contract Settlement Act of 1944 (Public Law 395, Seventy-eighth Congress); or in any other provision of Federal law imposing restrictions, requirements, or penalties in relation to the employment of persons, the performance of services, or the payment or receipt of compensation in connection with any claim proceeding, or matter involving the United States, shall apply to such persons solely by reason of their appointment to and membership on such committee. SEC. 5. (a) There is hereby authorized to be appropriated such amounts as may be necessary for the Office of Naval Research to carry out its functions as provided for herein, including such sums as may be required for administrative expenses, and the conduct of research and development work in Government facilities and under contracts with private individuals, corporations, and educational or scientific institutions. Sufficient information relative to estimates of appro- priations for research by the several bureaus and offices shall be furnished to the Chief of the Office of Naval Research to assist him in coordinating the Navy research program and the carrying out of such other duties as outlined in section 1. (b) Any funds appropriated to enable the Office of Naval Research to carry out its functions as provided for herein shall, if obligated during the fiscal year for which appropriated, remain available for expenditure for four years following the expiration of the fiscal year for which appropriated. After such a four-year period, the unex- pended balances of appropriations shall be carried to the surplus fund and covered into the Treasury. SEC. 6 . Within the limits of available appropriations, the Secretary of the Navy, and, by direction of the Secretary, the Chief of the Office of Naval Research and the chiefs of all bureaus of the Navy Department may enter into contracts, or amendments or modifications of contracts, for services and materials necessary for the making and securing of reports, tests, models, apparatus, and for the conducting of research, without performance or other bonds, and without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (U. S . C ., title 41, sec. 5), section 3718 of the Revised Statutes (U. S. C., title 34, sec. 561), section 3719 of the Revised Statutes (U. S . C., title 34, sec. 562), section 3720 of the Revised Statutes (U. S . C., title 34, sec. 563), section 3722 of the Revised Statutes (U. S . C., title 34, sec. 572), and may make advance, progress, and other payments with respect to such contracts without regard to the provisions of section 3648 of the Revised Statutes (U.S . C., title 31, sec. 529) : Provided,That nothing herein shall be construed to authorize the use of the cost-plus-a -per- centage-of-cost system of contracting. SEC. 7 . The Secretary of the Navy is authorized to transfer to the Office of Naval Research, as in his judgment may be necessary and appropriate, such research and development functions as are now assigned to the various bureaus and other agencies and offices of the Navy Department, together with any or all personnel, buildings, facilities, and other property used in the administration thereof, including without limitation the Special Devices Division and the Naval Research Laboratory. Approved August 1, 1946. 780 [60 STAT.