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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 736-AUG. 2 , 1946 Limitation. Redevelopment corporations, etc. Lfmitatin. Release, etc., of ap- proved redevelopment plan. Ante, p. 79. under the laws of the District of Columbia are authorized, notwith- standing any other provision of law, to make loans for the improve- ment of homes or other improved real estate in the District of Colum- bia without security: Provided, That no such loan without security shall be made in a sum in excess of $2,000. (b) Any financial institution or other lending organization operat- ing under the laws of the United States or the District of Columbia is authorized, notwithstanding any other law or regulation, to make loans to redevelopment corporations to finance the improvement of any project area as provided in this Act. Any life-insurance com- pany organized under the laws of the District or formed or organized under an Act of Congress is authorized, notwithstanding any other provision of law, to make loans or advances for the purpose of mak- ing repairs, alterations, additions, or improvements to homes or other buildings on improved real estate upon which it then holds a first lien to secure a loan previously made, without additional security: Provided, That no such loan or advance shall be made in a sum in excess of $2,000: And provided further, That the amount of such loan or advance when added to the balance due on the original indebt- edness shall not exceed the amount originally secured by the first lien. EFFECT IUPON EXISTING STATUTES SEc. 20. (a) In the making and approval of project area redevelop- ment plans, the Planning Commission and the District Commis- sioners shall not be limited or bound by the provisions of sections 7-108, 7-117, 7-122, and 7-01 of the District of Columbia Code (1940 edition) (Act of March 2, 1893, 27 Stat. 532, ch. 197, sec. 1; Act of May 31, 1900, 31 Stat. 248, ch. 599, sec. 2; Act of March 4, 1913, 37 Stat. 949, ch. 150; Act of March 3, 1901, 31 Stat. 1429, ch. 854, sec. 1608, as amended) relating to width, location, and length of streets and highways. No department, instrumentality agency, or official of the Federal Government orf the District of Columbia shall have any power to release or modify or depart from any feature or detail of an approved redevelopment plan or part thereof unless such release, modification, or departure be adopted by the Planning Commission and approved by the District Commissioners in accordance with the provisions of section 12 of this Act or unless the modification or departure be approved by Act of Congress. (b) Any power granted the District Commissioners or any District or Federal agency by the District of Columbia Code or by any statute may, in addition to the purposes now specified, be exercised in further- ance of the protection or carrying out of any redevelopment plan or modification made and approved under this Act. SEPAABALITr COr PROVISIONS SEC. 21. If any provisions of this Act or the application thereof to any body, agency, situation, or circumstances be held invalid, the remainder of the Act and the application of such provision to other bodies, agencies, situations, or circumstances shall not be affected thereby. Mtective ate. SEC. 22 . This Act shall take effect ninety days after the date of its approval. Approved August 2, 1946. 802 [60 STAT.