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PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 742 -744 -AUG. 2, 1946 Deleation f a- thority. August 2, 1946 [H. R. 340] [Publio Law 599] "SEm. 4 . Where the net amount received in settlement does not exceed $1,000, the authority of the Secretary of the Navy as set forth in sec- tion 1 may be exercised by such person or persons as he may designate." Approved August 2, 1946. [CHAPTER 743] AN ACT To provide for refunds to railroad employees in certain cases, so as to place the various States on an equal basis, under the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act, with respect to contributions of employees. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Bsedmployees United States of America in Congress assembled, That (a) notwith- standing any other provision of law, in any case where an employee amount (as hereinafter defined) was paid from a State unemployment fund to the Unemployment Trust Fund, an aggregate amount equal thereto shall be paid from the Unemployment Trust Fund, as refunds, to employees who paid into the State fund the contributions upon which such payment into the Unemployment Trust Fund was based, except that m case any such employee is deceased, payment shall be made to his estate; and the payment so made in the case of any employee shall be in proportion to the contributions paid by such employee into Application te State fund: Provided, That payment in any such case shall be made only if application therefor is made to the Railroad Retirement Board within twelve months after the date of enactment of this Act. Deoit (b) As used in this Act-. · (1) The term "employee amount" means any amount paid from a tate unemployment fund to the Unemployment Trust Fund which would not have been required to be paid, under the provisions of A52stt. . 3); section 13 (c) of the Raiload Unemployment Insurance Act, if such upp. V, 363 (c). section 13 (c) had not required payment of amounts based on contri- butions collected from employees. 4u. s . C . 1104; ( 2) The term "Unemployment Trust Fund" means the fund estab- supp. v, 1104. lished by section 904 of the Social Security Act. (3) The term "employees" has the same meaning as in the Railroad Upp.V, 351te. Unemployment Insurance Act. BeP,. l22 et q. Approved August 2, 1946.. August 2, 1946 AH.R. 6833] [Public Law 600] Transfer o civilian employees. Tsvel expenses. Pete p.a8. [CHAPTER 7441 AN ACT To authorize certain administrative expenses in the Government service, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of merica in Congess assembled, That (a) under such regulations as the President may prescribe, any civilian officer or employee of the Government who, in the interest of the Govern- ment, is transferred from one official station to another, including transfer from one department to another, for permanent duty, shall except as otherwise provided herein, when authorized, in the order directing the travel, by such subordinate official or officials of the department concerned as the head thereof may designate for the purpose, be allowed and paid from Government funds the expenses of travel of himself and the expenses of transportation of his imme- diate family (or a commutation thereof in accordance with the Act of February 14, 1931) and the expenses of.transportation, packing, rating, temporary storage, drayage, and unpacing of his household gods and personal effects (not to exceed seen thousand pounds if uncrated or eight thousand seven hundred uf 'fifty p aoudsif 806 [60 STAT.