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PUBLIC LAWS--H. 753-AUG. 2 , 1946 "14. Extension of farm credit and farm security. "15. Rural electrification. "16. Agricultural production and marketing and stabilization of prices of agricultural products. "17. Crop insurance and soil conservation. "(b) Committee on Appropriations. "1. Appropriation of the revenue for the support of the Government. "(c) Committee on Armed Services. "1. Common defense generally. "2. The War Department and the Military Establishment gen- erally. "3. The Navy Department and the Naval Establishment generally. "4. Soldiers' and sailors' homes. "5. Pay, promotion, retirement, and other benefits and privileges of members of the armed forces. "6. Selective service. "7. Size and composition of the Army and Navy. "8. Forts, arsenals, military reservations, and navy yards. "9. Ammunition depots. "10. Conservation, development, and use of naval petroleum and oil shale reserves. "11. Strategic and critical materials necessary for the common de- fense. "12. Scientific research and development in support of the armed services. "(d) Committee on Banking and Currency. "1. Banking and currency generally. "2. Financial aid to commerce and industry, other than matters relating to such aid which are specifically assigned to other com- mittees under this rule. "3. Deposit insurance. "4. Public and private housing. "5. Federal Reserve System. "6. Gold and silver, including the coinage thereof. "7. Issuance of notes and redemption thereof. "8. Valuation and revaluation of the dollar. "9. Control of prices of commodities, rents, or services. "(e) Committee on Post Office and Civil Service. "1. The Federal civil service generally. "2. The status of officers and employees of the United States, includ- ing their compensation, classification, and retirement. 3. The postal service generally, including the railway mail service, and measures relating to ocean mail and pneumatic-tube service; but excluding post roads. "4. Postal-savings banks. "5. Census and the collection of statistics generally. "6. The National Archives. "(f) Committee on the District of Columbia. "1. All measures relating to the municipal affairs of the District of Columbia in general, other than appropriations therefor, including- "2. Public health and safety, sanitation, and quarantine regulations "3. Regulation of sale of intoxicating liquors. "4. Adulteration of food and drugs "5. Taxes and tax sales. "6. Insurance, executors, administrators, wills, and divorce. "7. Municipal and juvenile courts. "8. Incorporation and organization of societies "9. Municipal code and amendments to the criminal and corporation laws. 824 [60 STAT.