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PUBLIC LAWS-H. 753--AUG. 2 , 1946 [60 STAT. House Restaurant and administration of the House Office Buildings and of the House wing of the Capitol. (G) Measures relating to the travel of Members of the House. (H) Measures relating to the assignment of office space for Mem- bers and committees. "(I) Measures relating to the disposition of useless executive papers. "(J) Except as provided in paragraph (o) 8, matters relating to the Library of Congress and the House Library; statuary and pic- tures; acceptance or purchase of works of art for the Capitol; the Botanic Gardens; management of the Library of Congress; purchase of books and manuscripts; erection of monuments to the memory of individuals. "(K) Except as provided in paragraph (o) 8, matters relating to the Smithsonian Institution and the incorporation of similar insti- tutions. "(L) Matters relating to printing and correction of the Congres- sional Record. "(M) Measures relating to the election of the President, Vice Presi- dent, or Members of Congress; corrupt practices; contested elections; credentials and qualifications; and Federal elections generally. "(2) Such committee shall also have the duty of- Exaeination of "( A ) examining all bills, amendments, and joint resolution after passage by the House; and in cooperation with the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, of examining all bills and joint resolutions which shall have passed both Houses, to see Presentation to that they are correctly enrolled; and when signed by the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate, shall forthwith present the same, when they shall have originated in the House, to the President of the United States in person, and report the fact and date of such presentation to the House; "(B) reporting to the Sergeant at Arms of the House the travel of Members of the House; "(C) arranging a suitable program for each day observed by the House of Representatives as a memorial day in memory of Members of the Senate and House of Representatives who have died during the preceding period, and to arrange for the publica- tion of the proceedings thereof. "(k) Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. "1. Interstate and foreign commerce generally. "2. Regulation of interstate and foreign transportation, except transportation by water not subject to the jurisdiction of the Interstate Commerce Commission. "3. Regulation of interstate and foreign communications. "4. Civil aeronautics. "5. Weather bureau. "6. Interstate oil compacts; and petroleum and natural gas, except on the public lands. "7. Securities and exchanges. "8. Regulation of interstate transmission of power, except the installation of connections between Government water power projects "9. Railroad labor and railroad retirement and unemployment, except revenue measures relating thereto. "10. Public health and quarantine. "11. Inland waterways. "12. Bureau of Standards, standardization of weights and measures, and the metric system. "(1) Committee on the Judiciary. "1. Judicial proceedings civil and criminal, generally. "2. Constitutional ameindmenta 826